For better wind projects

Unique Knowledge in Foundations

Onshore Civil Engineering

Ilmatar Foundation Installation

Robust and cost effective designs

K2 Management has thorough experience with foundation designs both offshore and onshore.

Our services for onshore/offshore site investigations and geotechnical survey:

  • Onsite wind data and met-ocean data; assessment of input data for the structural design
  • Optimal turbine/foundation locations
  • Planning of geotechnical and geophysical site investigations; interpretation of geotechnical reports to define design values, foundation types etc.
  • Evaluation of excavation pits for foundation work.

Foundation design and construction:    


  • Conceptual foundation design including cost estimate for the final design, fabrication, transport and installation
  • Top level drawings of the foundation structure
  • Secondary steel and boat landing orientation and layout
  • Detailed foundation design with respect to geotechnical report, full documentation including calculations and drawings
  • Third-party verification if required
  • Description of foundation work execution including QA
  • As-built documentation    
  • Navigational risk analyses for offshore projects; performing risk assessment for installation and operational period; survey to evaluate wind turbine locations and accessibility for onshore projects.

K2 Management's onshore civil engineers also have the capability to deliver robust and cost effective civil designs, produce unique project-specific documentation and provide supervisory and management services that ensure all project objectives are meet, resulting in the successful and satisfactory completion of works.

The services and support offered by our team also include:

  • Unique specification and supervision of geotechnical and geophysical site investigations
  • Turbine/foundation locations; evaluate optimal locations in relation to prevalent ground conditions
  • Interpretation of geotechnical reports
  • Site infrastructure designs are value engineered to maintain cost effectiveness for clients
  • Construction and logistics feasibility assessments
  • Swept path analysis of existing public roads and on-site access roads
  • Design of access road longitudinal alignments to ensure compliance with specifications
  • Earthworks volume calculations.