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Identifying the optimal location, layout and technology for a wind project are essential decisions to be made early in the development phase.  At K2 Management, we help clients from the planning stages by identifying the highest wind energy yield for a site.

We analyze the energy resource available, either by establishing a measurement campaign or using existing wind data, giving advice on turbine selection, site layout optimization (micro-siting), performing computational fluid dynamics (CFD)-modelling for better energy yield predictions and reduced uncertainty.

Our specialists perform analysis and investigations on wind turbine noise and shadow flicker issues to mitigate complaint risk and potential delays.

Service overview:


  • Identify, assess and analyze areas for potential wind farms
  • Identify the representative climatic site conditions, both normal and extreme, such as:
    • Wind speed
    • Wind flow
    • Turbulence intensity
    • Wind shear
    • Temperature
    • Air density
    • Icing.
  • Design of wind measurement campaigns
  • Optimization of wind farm layout with respect to production, visibility, low OPEX and other requirements such as overhead cables, roads, noise etc.
  • Annual Energy Production (AEP) predictions
  • For complex sites, CFD wind flow simulation for optimizing wind turbine lifetime
  • Identification and recommendation of optimal and suitable technology for a specific wind farm
  • Environmental assessment - acoustic noise and shadow flicker
  • Power curve performance test and site calibration
  • Third party assessment and verification.


  • Identification of representative long term wind condition parameters
  • CFD adjustment of wind data (including turbulence)
  • Wind farm layout optimization (primarily regarding energy production and effective turbulence) based on international standards (e.g. IEC 61400)
  • Wind farm energy yield assessment (e.g. P50, P75, and P90 AEP estimation)
  • Recommendations for next steps and development of further sites.

3D CFD for micrositing:

K2 Management provides state of the art CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulations for wind turbine micrositing, concerning challenging sites with complex terrain, forested areas or those in a built up area or near buildings.  

CFD simulations will help to identify the best wind turbine positions and consequently maximize the energy output for your wind projects. We have supported our clients globally to optimize the wind turbine layouts with in-depth CFD flow analysis.

3D CFD for micrositing report include:

  • Site description
  • Input parameters
  • CFD methodology
  • 3D flow field visualization
  • Results analysis according to international standards, primarily IEC 61400
  • Recommendations.

 Advanced 3D CFD simulations for micrositing:

  • Improved wind speed predictions in complex terrain and forested areas
  • Investigation on wind parameters (turbulence, wind shear, inflow angle and wind veer) at wind turbine positions with proven modelling techniques
  • Better understanding of the wind conditions to support project investment.