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Introducing Asset Management in Finland

Finnish wind farm owners miss out on extra revenue

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Ilmatar Service and K2 Management jointly to offer asset management services

Want to improve the performance of your turbines? How to validate the power curve outlined by the turbine manufacturer? Where to optimize during operations or maintenance?
Obvious questions to ask as a wind farm owner. Especially when turbines are running out of warranty or OEM service agreement.
Due to the relative new wind market in Finland, local wind farm owners so far have limited possibilities in terms of optimizing performance, yield and cash flow in their assets.
To support the upcoming local need, experienced Finnish developer Ilmatar has together with K2 Management, a Danish headquartered wind engineering company, agreed to jointly offer asset management services to the Finnish market.
Together the two companies will support wind farm owners with:

  • Performance improvements
  • Risk mapping, risk mitigation and business case implication
  • Review of suppliers contractual obligations

“Ilmatar installed its first turbines in 2014 and is about to enter into construction phase in a new project. We like to share our experience and knowhow with other wind farm owners for all of us to maximize the performance and outcome of our wind farms,” CEO and Co-Founder of Ilmatar Kalle Pykälä explains.

Niels Baden Rørholm, General Manager, Nordic, K2 Management supplements:

“We are looking forward to supporting Finnish wind asset owners. Our experience from other markets documents that there are multiple possibilities to improve profitability, performance, service terms and conditions once you proactively start engaging with Asset Management.”  

More information and contact details on Ilmatar Service

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Optimizing wind farm return on investment

Asset Management is all about securing you the best possible return on investment throughout the lifetime of your wind farm. Your return is not maximized by only relying on a service agreement with the turbine supplier during operations.
At K2 Management, our Asset Management Services are directly linked to your wind farms profitability.
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