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K2 Management to support with Wind Analysis

The island of Guam is getting closer to realizing its plans for the first utility size wind farm.
Virtue Consultant Management Inc (VCMI), the holding company of a local developer, is planning to install three wind turbines (Dandan onshore wind project) on the island.

K2 Management has signed a contract with VCMI in order to verify the specifications of a refurbished met mast and review the wind data quality. Additionally K2 Management will support with assessment of the wind resource, optimization of the wind turbine layout and financial modelling

“We are very pleased to support the development of wind energy in Guam and are looking forward to help VCMI build the most solid business case possible. Extra up-front investments like this will pay back several times in terms of more security, improved performance or lower maintenance costs,” Andy Barker, Director of Engineering at K2 Management, explains.

T.Y Lin, Project Manager of the local developer, supplements:

“We are looking forward to the co-operation with K2 Management ensuring we apply best practice and knowhow in planning, designing and construction of the Dandan wind farm. Securing the lowest cost of energy requires we build on existing knowledge.”

Wind Analysis Helicopter

Specialists in onshore and offshore wind

Identifying suitable areas for wind farm projects. Assessment of climatic site condition i.e. extreme wind, air density, etc.
Design of wind measurements campaign based on international standards (e.g. IEC 61400). Wind farm layout & micro-siting. Wind Farm energy yield assessment (e.g. P50, P75 and P90 AEP estimation). CFD simulation for optimizing energy yield predictions and reducing uncertainty. Environmental assessment (acoustic noise and shadow flickering)
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