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Practical knowledge and focused advice with due diligence

Renewable energy investment is now mainstream; the ongoing global growth of the wind power sector requires substantial ongoing investment from the international financial community and support from the insurance sector, bringing long term opportunities for many different players.

However, despite the continued successful growth of onshore and offshore wind, success cannot be taken for granted and project risks still require careful evaluation in order to ensure expectations are met.

K2 Management brings a successful international track record in project development and delivery, focusing on the many risks faced by projects and offering investors and lenders a one-stop-shop for technical excellence.

Global experts
Our experts have advised clients on projects around the world, from onshore wind in SE Asia to some of the world’s largest offshore wind projects. With hands-on experience covering the full project life cycle, we bring practical, value-adding advice regardless of the stage of development or operation of your investment.

After successfully investing in your project, our construction and asset management experts can then directly support all further stages of the project’s life, to ensure ongoing technical expertise is available to you whenever it’s needed.

Our team brings expert advice in:

  • Identification and mitigation of construction risks, such as ground risk, interface risk, permit compliance, foundation and WTG installation, construction schedule confidence. Our focus is always to seek to improve the project itself, as the most reliable way of reducing or removing completion, cost and operating risks.
  • Detailed review of wind energy forecasts, looking at reliability and appropriateness of measurement methods used, and if realistic assumptions have been used for uncertainties and technical loss factors.
  • Review of stakeholder and counterparty capabilities and track record.
  • Review of bankability issues, technology and performance risk and advice on how best to mitigate such issues through improving the technical and commercial aspects of the project.
  • Assessment of, and advice/support with HSE management and compliance to ensure safe completion and operation of the project.
  • Detailed review of key project agreements and contracts, seeking to mitigate any technical, schedule or cost risks that cannot be designed out.
  • Detailed review of project cost estimates, including capital cost and contingency requirements, and long term operating and maintenance needs to support project performance targets.

Tailor made diligence
From initial “red flag review” through to detailed due diligence and support during negotiations, and beyond into the construction and operation of the project, our international team of due diligence experts, construction and project management teams, and technology specialists can provide tailored and flexible support, regardless of the stage, location or size of your projects.

These investment decisions should be based on a thorough risk assessment of the planned development strategy, the capability of selected contractors, and the robustness of the operational methods and schedules.

Acquisition of projects that have already been constructed also requires detailed investigation of the quality of equipment, operational performance maintenance records and power performance.

Acquisition of projects that have already been constructed requires detailed investigation of the quality of equipment, operational performance, and maintenance records.

K2 Management acts as Owner’s, Buyer’s or Lender’s Engineer and has provided acquisition due diligence support to both onshore wind farms and some of the largest offshore wind projects in Europe. We have established a strong reputation for our practical knowledge and input to due diligence reports.

Our specialists understand that targeted and focused due diligence investigations are a critical element of the pre and post construction acquisitions process. Specialist due diligence support will help to reduce uncertainties and enable risks to be managed, ensuring that investment and insurance decisions are made from an informed position.

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Practical knowledge provided for your wind project

With focused technical due diligence from K2 Management secures investigation into critical elements of wind power or project acquisitions. Check out some of our case stories and client testimonials.
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Specialists in onshore and offshore wind

Identifying suitable areas for wind farm projects. Assessment of climatic site condition i.e. extreme wind, air density, etc.
Design of wind measurements campaign based on international standards (e.g. IEC 61400). Wind farm layout & micro-siting. Wind Farm energy yield assessment (e.g. P50, P75 and P90 AEP estimation). CFD simulation for optimizing energy yield predictions and reducing uncertainty. Environmental assessment (acoustic noise and shadow flickering)
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