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Operations and Asset Management

Securing your wind project investments

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Optimizing wind farm return on investment

Asset Management is all about securing the best possible return on investment throughout the lifetime of your wind farm. Relying solely on a service agreement with the turbine supplier during operations will likely keep your turbines spinning on a basic level, but without independent optimization advice, your return won't be maximized.  

If you do not take control of your assets' performance, you could end up with a poor investment that isn’t able to pay back as expected.

A detailed asset management strategy is key to realizing the expected return but also lets you explore activities that will help your project to exceed its projected yield, maximising revenue and return on investment.

  • How do you make sure that turbines are meeting the performance levels promised in the contract?
  • How do you know that the recurring service and its quality supports a long operational lifetime and low operational costs?

If you question your turbine service provider, you will have to dig into and analyze several months of SCADA-data in 10-minute intervals. Gigabytes of information which is not easily interpreted unless by experts.

Did you also know that a guaranteed availability always comes with a long list of carve-outs, such as delay of the service crane and waiting time due to bad weather just to mention a few examples?

These carve-outs can significantly impact your real availability over and over again, dp you couldd be paying incentives to the turbine service provider based on a performance you don’t get.

Our Asset Management Services are directly linked to your wind farm's profitability. It's that simple. 

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  • Financial engineering and owner optimization
  • Reporting and governance
  • Performance assessment and optimization
  • Contract and risk management
  • Surveillance and condition monitoring
  • Operations planning
  • Onsite operations
  • Overall asset management and operations planning advisory.
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We support our clients in their efforts to develop and operate wind projects that achieve the best possible return on investment. 

We offer global independent consultancy services to wind developers, utilities and investors within the entire value chain.

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