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Validating turbine performance

In a highly competitive global market, turbine manufacturers are launching various power boost and optimization programs to promote power curve increases in their sales documents and warranty provisions.

It is fundamental to compare actual performance on a site with the contracted turbine performance that is often used as the basis for energy and revenue estimation.

With trends towards larger rotor diameters, turbines are subject to increasingly complex flow, making it crucial for turbine owners to know how each turbine is actually performing. The power curve is typically verified on the prototype turbine under wind conditions that can be very different to the wind conditions experienced on-sites.

Supporting the project from early machine selection and procurement, K2 Management assists in the negotiation of valid and optimal warranties through to operation and performance validation.

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K2 Management is accredited (ISO 17025) to perform power performance testing that meets the standards of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and offers several similar services in support of project operations, project finance, and other activities.  The following offerings are a selection of these services:

  • IEC-Compliant Power Performance Testing (PPT)
  • Performance discrepancy investigations and rectification (i.e. underperformance)
  • Contractual warranty support/review
  • Warranty claims and disputes
  • Power curve measurement with remote sensing (SoDAR and LiDAR technology)
  • Review of third party power performance reports
  • Whole wind park performance assessment
  • Side-by-side validation.
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