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Wind project management

Any development is only as strong as the foundations that it is built on. Good wind project management starts at the earliest stages of project planning and early design decisions regarding contracting strategy and contractor selection will have a major influence on the eventual outcome of any project.

Once a project is given approval to proceed, management, monitoring and control become the critical activities for success for wind projects and wind farms.

K2 Management employs some of the industry's most experienced project managers and consultants, and our support to you can range from one-off work assignments through to providing an embedded Owner’s Engineer team.

Engineering and development of projects requires independent specialist input from knowledgeable professionals to ensure that the project is technically well designed. It is also critical that the design process takes into account the installation, operation, interfaces, and the capabilities of the installation equipment available in the market.

Maximizing the choice of sub-contractors for both component supply and installation will allow you to optimize construction costs.

Watch this video on to how use multi-contracting to optimize wind project business cases:

Project planning and management:
Good wind project management starts at the earliest stages of project planning and design decisions. The right or wrong contracting strategy will have a major influence on the outcome of any project. Factors such as how the project will be financed will also influence decisions and risks.

K2 Management has the experience of working on both utility-owned projects and on projects backed by private equity developers.

In terms of typical contracting services, K2 Management performs advance screenings of the market for relevant suppliers, supports the project tendering process, and eventually the negotiation of the right terms and conditions for the eventual wind project contracts.

K2 Management has the experience and knowledge concerning the accurate durations of each major activity, based on actual historical data, which helps ensure schedule accuracy and optimization, and the associated cost reductions.

This approach is widely accepted by key players in the wind industry, including classification companies and authorities, as it helps to ensure swift, consistent and high quality project plans are developed for any wind project.

Project engineering and development:
The engineering and development of projects requires specialized input from knowledgeable professionals to ensure that the project development is technically well designed.

K2 Management gives advice as owner's engineer throughout the development process on relevant technical and project matters. We establish full life cycle budgets and cash flow analysis to secure the best business case for the project.

In this phase, it is important to perform quality inspections and visits prior to entering or engaging into a contract with a vendor. K2 Management assesses and evaluates the vendor's supply chain and the ability to deliver in accordance with the scope of work, schedule, and the required quality standards.

Procurement and tendering management:
Get it right the first time and save a lot of time and money.

Procurement and tendering are vital processes for a successful wind project. Here the interfaces between the owner and developer on one side and the supplier and contractors on the other are outlined so project risks can be identified and mitigated, minimizing potential cost or schedule impacts to your project.

K2 Management has supported clients in procurement and tendering processes, developing extensive and first-hand working experience with important players in the wind industry.

This includes facilitating tendering auctions, bid schedules, evaluations, and negotiations; monitoring of contract implementation, commissioning of plants, formal contract management, and follow-up and claims management.

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We support our clients in their efforts to develop and operate wind projects that achieve the best possible return on investment. 

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