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Certification Support

Verification to increase project value

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Adding value to the business case

Certification will increase the financial and commercial value of our clients’ product or project but at the same time ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

Based on years of knowledge within the field of certification in the wind turbine industry, K2 Management provides its clients with suitably qualified consultants who offer verification guidance through an optimal certification process. K2 Management engages in an entire approval process and/or selected activities within project certification and verification.

We also have experience with other aspects within certification, so any client request or question will be handled professionally at K2 Management. For any certification process, we offer services to fulfill the specific needs of any given project:

  • Management and coordination of certification process
  • Optimal certification process guidance and secure project requirements’ coverage in the documentations
  • Support throughout the certification process
  • Support and verification that all applicable codes and standards are considered
  • Engage in regular dialogue with certification bodies
  • Define prerequisites and input data to load simulations.