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Onshore and offshore electrical engineering expertise

Grid connections are the second most important aspect of any wind power project (behind the fundamental availability of the wind). It is vital therefore that projects are designed and optimized to deliver the maximum amount of generated power to the grid with the minimum losses and faults and at the quality required by the power purchasing company.

K2 Management’s electrical engineering team assist our clients with any tasks related to the electrical grid connection and control of wind farms. The dedicated SCADA team members are experts in providing advice in this complex and vital area, while the electrical engineers are focused on the generation of the power right up to the delivery to the grid. This includes from generators, right through power electronics, switchgear, transformers and grid compliance equipment, to cabling, substations and power systems studies.

The team has expertise in onshore and offshore connections, including the complexities of offshore cables, HVDC interlinks and the demands of distributed smaller generators in an onshore environment.
We also provide advice in electrical storage systems, to support either hybrid power generation, flexible generation, or running in full ‘islanded’ mode for remote projects.
Whilst we can assist with any electrical related challenge you may have, services we typically provide include:

  • Grid connection evaluation – concept studies, local connection feasibility, point of common connection (PCC).
  • Electrical and communications infrastructure design
  • Procurement support – BoP Technical specifications (Employer’s Requirements), RfP authoring, tender evaluation, costing analysis, BoM, contract negotiations.
  • Financial close support
  • Lender’s/Vendor’s/Acquisition technical review and advice.
  • Concept designs, single line diagrams, cabling layout, voltage selection, technology choices,
  • Assistance with grid connection application
  • Power systems studies – fault level analysis, export capacity, grid code compliance - power quality (frequency, voltage, power factor, harmonics)
  • Protection systems and earthing system studies, and design.
  • Technical evaluation and review
  • Cabling/Line concepts, specification and design (subsea, underground, overhead line, HVDC).
  • Substation, switchgear, transformer, STATCOM design and specification.
  • Construction and design monitoring to ensure adherence to codes and standards
  • Site and Factory acceptance test (SAT/FAT) witnessing and evaluating
  • Optimization of site-specific electrical infrastructure
  • Review and assessments of high and medium voltage systems, substations, transformer, grid loss, cabling, switch gears etc.
  • Support of design processes
  • As-built inspections.
  • Electrical operations support
  • Fault investigation and rectification
Our Services

We support our clients in their efforts to develop and operate wind projects that achieve the best possible return on investment. 

We offer global independent consultancy services to wind developers, utilities and investors within the entire value chain.

We are 100 percent customer focused, dedicated and committed in our role as Owner’s, Buyer’s or Lender’s Engineer.