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Nurturing and Developing Talent in the Renewable Energy Sector

As the renewable energy sector continues to grow at considerable pace, so do the teams supporting this innovative work across the globe. The very same applies to K2 Management.  

Since 2007, our team has grown considerably from 2 to 165. With a focus on supporting our colleagues' professional interests via the provision of industry-leading training programmes and more, 26% of our staff have been promoted in the last couple of years alone. 

As we continue to drive sector developments, it is the responsibility of all renewable energy advisers to invest in staff training, development, and related opportunities to ensure we meet our global goal of a green, clean energy future. 

Investing in Employee Development 

Investors, project developers and consultancies play a pivotal role in the global shift towards sustainability, working alongside governments and key policymakers to ensure the most effective, innovative developments. Those working on the front line are more than just businesses, but forerunners of change. It’s clear that well-trained and motivated colleagues, armed with the best-in-the-business expertise, are far more likely to seek sustainable solutions for clients. 

This is important within a rapidly evolving sector, and something we pride ourselves on at K2 Management. Development in the space is dynamic, and both technologies and regulations are continuously evolving. Therefore, it’s important for us as a responsible consultancy to ensure our colleagues are trained in these emerging technologies, becoming experts in new regulatory compliance and in executing effective processes. This helps us to serve our clients in the best possible way. 

The Best of Experienced Talent 

As a relatively young industry, the renewable energy sector doesn’t have the same workforce history of traditional energy sectors such as oil and gas. This means there is a unique opportunity for consultancies such as K2 Management to invest in industry-leading training, helping to nurture incredibly valuable cross-sector transferable skills. Our colleagues bring a depth and range of expertise - some individuals have long careers in the sector, joining 20 year ago when it was relatively in its infancy, and others have fantastic backgrounds in related sectors. 

Investing in our staff ensures that we bring out the very best in our talent, which in turn sees our clients benefit from a mix of deep expertise, unique perspectives and various skill sets. Our colleagues at K2 Management praise our employee development programme, which has influenced our high staff retention rate. This is yet another positive attribute for our customers - our client teams remain largely the same over long-term projects for our clients. 

K2 Management’s Pledge 

We believe that investing in the development and training of our staff is imperative for those working in such a forward-thinking, faced-paced sector, and our pledge to deliver the best for our colleagues and clients closely aligns with the sector’s values of sustainability and innovation. 

In 2023 alone, we have supported the development and promotion of nearly 30 colleagues, many of whom have moved into more senior roles in e.g. our Project Management and Due Diligence & Analysis teams. As we continue our award-winning work in the renewables space, we pledge our commitment to ensuring all our staff access the right training and development opportunities, suiting professional development needs and needs of our clients. 

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