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Great projects start with great development

Any development is only as strong as the foundations that it is built on, and good project management starts at the earliest stages of project planning. Key decisions such as contractor selection, strategy, and design will have a major influence on the outcome of any project.

Our development services cover every stage of the project lifecycle, spanning from pre-development support to build management and completion. Our expertise can assist with detailed site analysis, contract and planning negotiations, HSEQ consultations, project execution, engineering support and more.

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Adding real value to business cases from day one

Before development can start and before any investment can be made, a robust business case must be established.

Our multi-specialist team of experts can help you build a strategy for your business case and establish proof of concept to make the planning and approval stages more efficient and productive.

Whether your project is just a concept or you’ve got a site in mind, calculating your business case with all the variables mapped out is a great starting point for making some of these early decisions.

Find out how our business case calculator can get you started.



Advanced analysis delivered globally

Energy yield is the main driver of asset value. That’s why we get involved in energy projects at such an early stage.

We deliver validated, defensible results and advice across wind and solar, both on and offshore, during pre-construction and operation.


Our analysis has supported thousands of projects through concept, development, financing, operation and M&A, making projects bankable and better performing.

What makes a good energy yield analysis?


Delivering better energy projects for our clients

Planning and executing a successful wind or solar project is a highly complex, extensive process that requires a detail-driven approach to get it right.

A simple oversight in managing interfaces or an issue during permitting can not only result in delays, but can result in a costly impact on your business case, and subsequently your ROI.

Our highly-experienced team of project managers manage project execution to not only minimize risk, but ensure that your project is delivered on-time and on-budget.




Working with Northland Power to develop Deutsche Bucht


Engineering better energy projects

Our engineering department specializes in seamlessly integrating diverse facets of renewable energy projects, encompassing structural, electrical, and environmental, right from the foundational concept design. Our experienced engineers leverage their expertise to identify optimization opportunities early in the project development, ensuring a holistic and efficient approach.

From 3D modeling to grid connection evaluation and comprehensive risk management, our team covers the full spectrum of energy engineering. Our commitment extends beyond conventional practices — we focus on designing solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations.

Optimizing layouts and implementing cost-effective technology designs are fundamental steps we take to maximize the return on investment for our clients and instill confidence in investors and developers alike.

At K2 Management, we don't just engineer better energy projects; we pioneer comprehensive solutions, ensuring the success and sustainability of each endeavor.



Specialist engineers with a renewable energy focus

We love a challenge. That’s why delivering solutions, insights and advice to some of the most complex renewables engineering challenges is what we’re known for.

K2 Management prides itself on working exclusively in the renewable energy space, so our team of engineers focus only on wind and solar projects on a daily basis.

Balanced technical and commercial know-how is laced through every assignment that we work on, from the earliest stages of development to operations. This translates into detailed, balanced advice for our clients while helping them navigate project challenges.

What we do for our clients

    Working with Northland Power to develop Deutsche Bucht


    What sets us apart

    Forward thinking

    We’re committed to finding the best solutions for renewables projects and this naturally makes us focused on optimization. We thrive on identifying innovation opportunities and exploring out-of-the-box technologies and solutions, always challenging and consolidating our industry knowledge to benefit our clients.


    Flexible and reactive

    The renewables market moves fast, and for most players, time is money.  We move quickly to understand the specifics of each project and we continue through our entire assignment in a flexible and agile way. When your priority is ensuring that your project is developed on-time, on-budget and on-spec, we are always reactive to help you stay on track.

    Global track record and in-depth experience

    Our Engineering team has extensive direct experience in supporting the technical development and construction of renewable energy projects, with a track record covering hundreds of onshore and offshore renewable energy projects, across the globe. We therefore bring extensive real-life and direct knowledge of how to successfully deliver wind projects.

    Protecting and securing your project from start to finish

    Our ethos is to show our clients how to deliver better energy projects, and at the heart of this is ensuring projects are planned and executed safely and in the best way possible.

    Without strong HSEQ running through a project, owners are opened up to incidents that can have long-term human and environmental impacts, cause reputational damage and even result in financial penalties and prosecution.

    We work closely with our clients to ensure that health, safety, environment and quality is inherent in every action taken on their project and we use this to mitigate risks from pre-development through to operation.




    Quality inspection and supervision




    News, views and insights

    Driving Innovative Analysis Services in Renewable Energy

    As the renewable energy landscape evolves, key innovators within our industry are directing pioneering teams in the wind and solar analysis space. One of those individuals is Andy Hay, a Principal Specialist and Manager of K2 Management’s Analysis Services team – a team that has successfully worked on 150 renewable energy projects this year, representing over 60 GW of capacity across five continents. 

    Nov 14 2023 | Company news | Development
    K2 Management selected by NORD/LB as Lenders Technical Adviser

    K2 Management (K2M), a leading global renewable energy project management consultancy, has been appointed by German bank and renewables investor NORD/LB to act as Lenders Technical Adviser (LTA) for the Pajuperänkangas wind farm in Finland.

    How we add value to our clients

    Developing one of Korea’s fastest offshore wind farm projects

    K2 Management has brought together local expertise and international scope to steer one of Korea’s fastest commercial offshore wind farm projects ..

    Due diligence for stake in world’s biggest wind farm

    AXA and Crédit Agricole hired K2 Management as their technical advisor when they bought a 50% share in the world’s biggest wind farm, Hornsea 2, for..

    Contour Global | O&M service setup for Latin American wind portfolio

    K2 Management was engaged by investor, Contour Global, based in USA, to deliver support in moving from a basic O&M set up to a full O&M support..

    K2 Management appointed by Cordelio Power for Glacier Sands project

    K2 Management was appointed by Cordelio Power to deliver project and construction management for the 185MW Glacier Sands onshore wind project in..

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