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Waveroller unloading Photo credit: AW-Energy

Meeting clients' requests

K2 Management acquired Cruz Atcheson in 2018, an independent consultancy specializing in emerging offshore renewables, including wave and tidal energy.

Many of our clients are active across the energy sector and the similar market drivers across the wind, solar, tidal or wave sectors makes it a natural fit for K2 Management.

Our experienced team of highly skilled engineers has worked on projects from inception stage to full-scale prototype, and developed specialist software to solve complex engineering problems. We are also a key partner in multiple flagship EU funded Horizon2020 projects dedicated to wave energy.

Combined with our global track record, we have a lot of experience and value to offer our clients.

Supporting clients to successful wave and tidal projects

Offshore expertise from planning to asset management 

We deliver a wide range of services within engineering, planning, project management, and due diligence spanning the entire value chain of a wave or tidal power project from the earliest phase of development through to asset management.

Our capacity to assist you at several subsequent stages means that we can continue to work with you as the technology and projects develop - ensuring that continuity is not lost. 

Photo credit: Carnegie Wave Energy

Supporting technology development

Having worked directly with a wide range of technology developers in the marine energy sector, our experience spans critical areas of W&T project development including:

  • Performance and load analysis
  • Technology road mapping
  • Certification support
  • Supporting onsite works in live, grid-connected projects. 

Broad industry knowledge

Our team has over 50 person-years of experience in the wave and tidal energy sector.

Having worked across the globe, we have been involved in flagship projects that provide us with detailed knowledge of both the sector and with key stakeholders, giving us a big picture view of the industry with the detailed knowledge to back that up. 

What can we deliver?

Read below to see some of the services and support that we provide to our clients in the marine sector. 



We develop a wide range of design tools and provide support from inception to optimization of your wave and tidal technology concept. 



From early feasibility to FEED level, our team has tools to quickly and efficiently assess the long-term environmental conditions at the site. 



Is your project or technology investable? Our detailed knowledge of wave & tidal specificities combined with our sector-wide due diligence track record can help you answer that and other key questions when considering investments int he wave and tidal industry. 



Early consideration of the key development steps and milestones will often determine the success or failure of a technology venture.

We create and mentor technology road maps, accompanying developers from initial inception to full-scale deployments.



Being involved in key projects, our team has its finger on the pulse in the wave and tidal industry.

From monitoring the industry to tracking market needs and trends, we can help you to position and prepare your developments for the challenges ahead.



  • Strategic advice and certification support
  • Constraints mapping and metocean data analysis
  • Front-end enginering design
  • Field testing and onsite support
  • Design load case specification and load analysis
  • Design review and optimization
  • O&M modelling and analysis 
  • Cost of energy modelling and analysis.

What makes good technical advisor?

Our technical advisory team knows what it's like to delivery great technical advisory support to our clients. Hear from our consultants and our clients on what they think makes a good technical advisor!

Clients and their wave and tidal projects

Read how we support clients with full lifecycle services in our case studies below

  • Wave & tidal
  • Research

Supporting EU wave energy project to important milestone

As a partner in the EU project Horizon 2020 MegaRoller, K2 Management has had a key role in answering some of the questions surrounding wave...

As a partner in the EU project Horizon 2020 MegaRoller, K2 Management has had a key role in answering some of the questions surrounding wave energy. The project has a team of participants from across the industry with a collective aim of driving forward understanding of wave technology.

The project reached an important milestone in completing an advanced custom structure interaction Wave Energy Converter (WEC) model.

“We use a mathematical representation of the interaction between the structure and the waves to estimate the loads experienced in a number of situations. The results will be used to design a sound and durable power system,” says Pauline Laporte Weywada, Senior Consultant at K2 Management.

“The mathematical model uses innovative features such as a structural dynamics module to investigate structural deformations and account for the directional spread. The development of such novel functionalities will continue throughout the MegaRoller project and are expected to provide guidance for modeling practices in the wave energy sector,” she adds.

The MegaRoller project is an EU-funded research program initiated in 2018 and expected to conclude in 2021. The project will develop and demonstrate a 1 MW power take-off (PTO) for wave energy converters.

The technology is developed in conjunction with oscillating wave surge converters (OWSCs), a type that uses bottom-hinged panels oscillating in pitch following the surge movement of the water particles in the nearshore zone (10m-25m water depth).

More information on the project and its results can be found here: www.megaroller.eu

  • Engineering
  • Wave & tidal

Wave energy converter benchmarking study | Carnegie Wave Energy

K2 Management* was commissioned to conduct a benchmarking study for Carnegie Wave Energy to investigate a range of performance and load metrics...

Photo Credit: Carnegie Wave Energy

K2 Management* was commissioned to conduct a benchmarking study for Carnegie Wave Energy to investigate a range of performance and load metrics suitable for benchmarking with alternative wave energy converter (WEC) types.

Our numerical modelling team used WEC-Sim to create baseline WEC models. Model outputs were used for several targeted load calculation exercises to assess the extreme and fatigue loads on key device components.

Post-processing techniques were applied to WEC-Sim model output data to calculate total damage equivalent loads (DELs) and survival functions at a target installation site. These techniques provide a robust method of estimating design loads for WEC components and can also be used to inform the maintenance and survival strategies.

Jonathan Fiévez, CTO at Carnegie Wave Energy commented:

"The team has a strong heritage in wave energy and an obvious passion for industry success. These characteristics, together with their excellent technical abilities, have ensured they are on Carnegie’s shortlist to assist with the variety of challenging tasks that come up in the course of developing a new technology."

*Work undertaken as Cruz Atcheson prior to acquisition by K2 Management in 2018

  • Wave & tidal

Independent technology development proramme review | Aqua Power Technologies

Aqua Power Technologies Ltd. (APT) is developing an innovative wave energy converter and contracted K2 Management* to independently review its WEC...

Photo Credit: Aqua Power Technologies

Aqua Power Technologies Ltd. (APT) is developing an innovative wave energy converter and contracted K2 Management* to independently review its WEC technology development programme and provide detailed support to the modelling and testing of the APT WEC.

Completing an external review of APT’s innovative technology, we produced detailed documentation which informs investors, sponsors and external partners about the current state of the technology.

The due diligence support provided an overview of the status of individual workloads and highlighted areas for advancement, providing a framework for a development pathway.

Samual Eherington, APT Managing Director, commented:

"<The team> possesses a dynamism, pace and in-depth capability which is simply not available anywhere else in the wave and tidal market. Their wealth of experience and knowledge within the sector combined with our expertise in industrial design and manufacturing has provided the best platform to enable Aqua Power Technologies to develop, manufacture and deploy a truly novel wave energy technology.

The level and work that Cruz Atcheson (now K2 Management) operates at and produces is impressive, professional and insightful."

*Work undertaken as Cruz Atcheson prior to acquisition by K2 Management in 2018

  • Engineering
  • Wave & tidal

Wave & tidal technical due diligence | AW-Energy

AW-Energy appointed K2 Management* to undertake a wide range of activities, including technical due diligence and second-party support in a range...

Photo Credit: AW-Energy

AW-Energy appointed K2 Management* to undertake a wide range of activities, including technical due diligence and second-party support in a range of engineering disciplines.

In one particular project, we acted as an independent assessor, focusing on the synthesis of key information to identify the status of potential risks to the project.

The mandate also saw us review the technical documentation produced by AW-Energy, providing clear recommendations and assisting in the detailed planning of both project and technology development activities.   

John Liljelund, CEO, and Christopher Ridgewell, CTO, at AW-Energy said: 

"We have been extremely satisfied with the team in all domains of cooperation, covering the project due diligence and technical / design/review assignments. They are highly competent and flexible and have carried out all assignments conscientiously and expeditiously. In view of their dedication and ability, it is with pleasure that we recommend them highly and without hesitation!"

*Work undertaken as Cruz Atcheson prior to acquisition by K2 Management in 2018

"K2 Management really makes you grow"

“We are pleased to have K2 Management on our side supporting us with wind analysis and CFD services. K2 Management’s expertise in analyzing wind speed shifting behavior from onshore to offshore site provided us with an optimized, cost-effective solution in the measurement campaigns.

K2 Management’s support has been instrumental in the planning process for development of the offshore wind farm.”,

Mr. Y. U. Chung | SK E&C

"Bringing Deutsche Bucht to financial close"

"Northland Power has selected K2 Management for this role [full-scope construction management provider] as a result of their extensive track-record, and their significant contribution to bringing the project to financial close."

Morten Melin | Executive Vice President, Construction |Northland Power

"K2 Management was invaluable in this acquisition"

“K2 Management’s technical advice, financial insight and operational performance expertise was invaluable to us in this acquisition.”

ITOCHU Corporation

"Delivering offshore wind project management to Taiwan"

“The K2 Management team has very high professional competence in project management of offshore wind power projects. That is why we established a very strong relationship with them.”

Robert Tsai | Chairman | Formosa Wind Power Co. Ltd.

""The quality of the team [has been] outstanding.""

“K2 Management has really provided invaluable contribution to our projects in a way we never would have been able to organize. The quality of the team and the organization around it has been outstanding.”

Albert Jochems | Investment Director | Highland Group Holdings Ltd.

"Benefiting from global expertise and vast wind experience"

We are delighted to appoint K2 Management in this role and will look forward to benefiting from their global expertise and vast wind experience."

Olivier Duguet | CEO | The Blue Circle

"Energy yield assessment for due diligence"

"The energy yield assessment completed for the project financing...was quickly and efficiently supplied, and passed through the lender due diligence process with no material issues raised.”

Steve Williams, Senior Project Manager, Banks Renewables

""The CFD results were invaluable in our decision...""

“The supplied CFD modelling results were invaluable in our decision making process. Results and applied methods were clearly and concisely explained, allowing us, as developers, to put them to best possible use.”

Richard Seymour | Senior Project Manager | Infinergy

"Hands on experience and insights for great investments"

“Their hands-on experience and insights have given us the necessary comfort for investing and de-risking areas of concern,”

LI You | Investment Director | CGNEE

"Helping to grow John Laing's industry presence"

“We are delighted to have K2 Management on our side to help grow John Laing’s presence in the renewable energy sector.”

Edward Thompson | Commercial Director, Renewable Energy | John Laing

"A practical approach to problem solving for clients"

“K2 Management has a long proven track record and thereby a practical approach for finding solutions for its clients. We honor this way of working and are looking forward to be working with K2 Management again,“

Mikko Toivanen | COO and Co-founder | Ilmatar

""They really have our interests and problems in mind...""

“What I like about K2 Management is that they really have our interest and problems in mind [when] addressing technical issues. They don’t waste my time and they don’t spend too much time, they just come to me with the problem and the solution, and that is what I like.”

Bastian Schachtner | Director, Structured Finance Office | MUFG

""The team was thorough in its approach to this analysis...""

“The team was thorough in its approach to this analysis. It is clear they have an in-depth understanding of solar technology and yield analysis.”

Mirjam Tome | Project Development Engineer | RATCH Australia Corporation

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