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Expertise in emerging industries

Our team has over 50 person-years of experience in the wave and tidal energy sector.

Working across the globe, we have been involved in flagship projects and research programmes. 

This gives us with detailed knowledge of both the sector, key stakeholders and the advancing technology.

We have a big picture view of the industry with the detailed technical knowledge to back that up.


Broad industry knowledge

Having worked directly with a wide range of technology developers in the marine energy sector, our experience spans critical areas of W&T project development including:

> Performance and load analysis
> Technology road mapping
> Certification support
> Supporting onsite works in live, grid-connected projects.

Forward momentum for Wave & Tidal

A lot goes into the development of emerging technologies, from concept designs to engineering challenges and testing. But moving from concept and testing to commercialization requires detailed evaluation of bankability.

Wave and tidal is not yet at the commercial heights that wind and solar currently enjoy. But making advances towards making both early-stage technology and projects bankable moves this one step closer.



News, views and insights

EU wave energy project reaches important milestone

How much energy can you pull out of a wave energy system? And what are the loads during a long list of different weather, wave and fault situations?

How we add value to our clients

Wave energy converter benchmark study

Carnegie Wave Energy commissioned us to conduct a benchmarking study for alternative wave energy converter (WEC) types.

Wave technology development programme

Aqua Power Technologies mandated us to complete an independent review of its wave technology to inform investors and sponsors.

Engineering and due diligence, AW-Energy
We have supported AW-Energy with a variety of expertise from technical due diligence to engineering and design support.

Partnership in EU wave energy project
We have partnered with several companies to partake in an EU-funded research programme to advance development in the wave sector.

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