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 Who are we?

K2 Management supports its clients in their efforts to develop and operate energy projects that achieve the best possible return on investment.

Our vision is to be a leading engineering and management consultancy by delivering sustainable energy project solutions globally.

We do that by delivering a wide range of services within engineering, planning, management and due diligence, spanning the entire value chain of an energy project.


We're independent


K2 Management is 100% independent -  we are not controlled or supported by any other player in the industry, so we give truly impartial advice.

We don't certify technology, which means that we won't ever undertake due diligence on a project that we previously certified from a technology standpoint (this is not true with others in the market). This way, we can be truly impartial and 100% independent.

The company is fully owned by the two founding partners, Lars K. Hammershøj and Per K. Melgaard, who both have had a long and successful career supporting energy project development and construction.

Our consultants are our most valuable assets and the decades of practical experience in the energy sector, working for developers, manufacturers, or balance of plant service providers gives our team whole-market experience and a unique insight into the way projects work from a variety of standpoints.


We're global


With offices on five continents and over 175 staff, K2 Management operates a cross-border approach to projects to provide clients with the right team and setup and the best possible results, regardless of the project’s location.

Each assignment requires a different combination of skills, expertise and time so clients benefit from local knowledge and the practical expertise of the international team.

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We see what others might overlook

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Get our insights in your projects

Decades of hands-on experience gives our people the ability to see more value and spot unexpected risks in your energy projects.

Our view of projects is multi-dimensional, helping our clients gain a holistic perspective. We have real examples of helping our clients to see things that others may have overlooked.

To us, setting up of a project, negotiating better contractual terms and conditions, reducing installation times, removing risks and avoiding unexpected costs are all part of one comprehensive picture that adds up to maximum power output and substantial long-term revenue gains.


We advise on the whole project lifecycle

We support you in the entire value chain

We deliver a wide range of services within engineering, planning, project management, and due diligence spanning the entire value chain of an energy project from the earliest phase of development through to asset management.

Our duty is to be entirely client-focused

We believe it is our duty to be 100 % client-focused, dedicated and committed in our role as owner’s, buyer’s or lender’s advisor.

Our goal is to support clients

Our ultimate goal is to support the successful completion of clients’ projects on time, on spec, and on budget and our support will directly correlate to more profit, reduced risk, and/or time saved.


We are the trusted advisor



Building trust, adding value as the trusted advisor

Our industry-leading experts have a strong focus on client and case assessment. We help our clients to fully recognise and understand the extent of their business challenges before providing our expert consultancy.

Our advisors operate alongside a framework of eight core competencies, working to find new opportunities and unlock value for our clients at every stage of their project. 

Both transparent and responsive, we ensure that our consultancy places an honest and collaborative partnership at the very heart of our work with every client, regardless of our role.



Our History

We've been around for over 15 years and a lot has happened since we began in 2007.

Explore how K2 Management has evolved from the beginning to where we are today! 


Explore our history

"K2 Management really makes you grow"

“We are pleased to have K2 Management on our side supporting us with wind analysis and CFD services. K2 Management’s expertise in analyzing wind speed shifting behavior from onshore to offshore site provided us with an optimized, cost-effective solution in the measurement campaigns.

K2 Management’s support has been instrumental in the planning process for development of the offshore wind farm.”,

Mr. Y. U. Chung | SK E&C

"Bringing Deutsche Bucht to financial close"

"Northland Power has selected K2 Management for this role [full-scope construction management provider] as a result of their extensive track-record, and their significant contribution to bringing the project to financial close."

Morten Melin | Executive Vice President, Construction |Northland Power

"K2 Management was invaluable in this acquisition"

“K2 Management’s technical advice, financial insight and operational performance expertise was invaluable to us in this acquisition.”

ITOCHU Corporation

"Delivering offshore wind project management to Taiwan"

“The K2 Management team has very high professional competence in project management of offshore wind power projects. That is why we established a very strong relationship with them.”

Robert Tsai | Chairman | Formosa Wind Power Co. Ltd.

""The quality of the team [has been] outstanding.""

“K2 Management has really provided invaluable contribution to our projects in a way we never would have been able to organize. The quality of the team and the organization around it has been outstanding.”

Albert Jochems | Investment Director | Highland Group Holdings Ltd.

"Benefiting from global expertise and vast wind experience"

We are delighted to appoint K2 Management in this role and will look forward to benefiting from their global expertise and vast wind experience."

Olivier Duguet | CEO | The Blue Circle

"Energy yield assessment for due diligence"

"The energy yield assessment completed for the project financing...was quickly and efficiently supplied, and passed through the lender due diligence process with no material issues raised.”

Steve Williams, Senior Project Manager, Banks Renewables

""The CFD results were invaluable in our decision...""

“The supplied CFD modelling results were invaluable in our decision making process. Results and applied methods were clearly and concisely explained, allowing us, as developers, to put them to best possible use.”

Richard Seymour | Senior Project Manager | Infinergy

"Hands on experience and insights for great investments"

“Their hands-on experience and insights have given us the necessary comfort for investing and de-risking areas of concern,”

LI You | Investment Director | CGNEE

"Helping to grow John Laing's industry presence"

“We are delighted to have K2 Management on our side to help grow John Laing’s presence in the renewable energy sector.”

Edward Thompson | Commercial Director, Renewable Energy | John Laing

"A practical approach to problem solving for clients"

“K2 Management has a long proven track record and thereby a practical approach for finding solutions for its clients. We honor this way of working and are looking forward to be working with K2 Management again,“

Mikko Toivanen | COO and Co-founder | Ilmatar

""They really have our interests and problems in mind...""

“What I like about K2 Management is that they really have our interest and problems in mind [when] addressing technical issues. They don’t waste my time and they don’t spend too much time, they just come to me with the problem and the solution, and that is what I like.”

Bastian Schachtner | Director, Structured Finance Office | MUFG

""The team was thorough in its approach to this analysis...""

“The team was thorough in its approach to this analysis. It is clear they have an in-depth understanding of solar technology and yield analysis.”

Mirjam Tome | Project Development Engineer | RATCH Australia Corporation