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Hear from our colleagues!

Hear what our colleagues from around the world have to say about why they came to work for K2 Management, what they like about working here and the opportunities they have to grow in their positions.

Hear from our staff

What is it like to work for K2 Management?

A diverse team

With offices across six continents and an order book that takes us around the world, we have a talented, educated and culturally diverse team from 20+ nationalities.  Our pool of 200+ experts bring lots of experience, from roles including senior wind energy consultants and solar energy consultants, so there's a never-ending learning experience when working with colleagues on projects.

Complex but interesting projects

Most of the projects that we work on are complex for a variety of reasons, but complex projects are interesting projects to work on.  We pride ourselves on delivering and de-risking even the most challenging of projects, and that's what makes our team successful. 

Boots on the ground

We don't just sit behind a desk to advise on projects - we like to see them first hand to make sure we are thorough! From boots on the ground in a muddy field, to offshore helicopter rides and transfer vessel trips, our team is committed to getting the job done.

Let us guide you through our recruitment process

We will talk you through the four main steps that take you from finding the right role, through the application process and what to expect when you join the team. 

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Hear from our colleagues about what we do as a company and what drives us

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