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How can K2 Management add value?

Getting the technicalities right can be the difference between an average and well-performing project.

Renewable energy might be advanced in many markets but project risks still require careful evaluation to deliver the best possible performance - both technically and financially.

Our advisory expertise spans analysis, risk management, due diligence, technical advisory and financial services - all of which come together to deliver better energy projects.

Our consultants hold a great depth of experience, leveraging relationships with our international teams to share global expertise. Hear more from one of our consultants in the following video or explore our Advisory Services in the above drop down menu.


Independent technical due diligence for lenders, investors, buyers and sellers

Our clients trust us to deliver robust and accurate technical assessment of the project that they're looking to buy, sell or build, that's why we have consulted on thousands of projects globally.

As lender's technical advisor (LTA), we get involved at an early stage so that the project risks are identified and mitigated from the outset.

When we're performing acquisition due diligence, clients rely on us for our independence - to give the most accurate picture of a project whether it's still a greenfield site or operational.

Clients who are selling off part of or their entire project trust us to cover all technical bases so that they get the best return on investment on their project.


Find out what our colleagues and clients think makes a good technical advisor in the video below...


Advanced analysis delivered globally

 Energy yield is the main driver of asset value. That’s why we get involved in energy projects at such an early stage.

We deliver validated, defensible results and advice across wind and solar, both on and offshore, during pre-construction and operation.

Our analysis has supported thousands of projects through concept, development, financing, operation and M&A, making projects bankable and better performing.


What is good wind analysis?


What makes a good technical advisor?

Every energy infrastructure project is unique so having the right set of advisors - finance, insurance, tax and technical - can create a strong project from the outset.

Our experience spans lenders’ advisor, refinancing, acquisition, vendor and portfolio acquisition assignments, so we have great insights from all angles.

K2M's specialists have personal track records that feature hundreds of due diligence mandates delivered over several years of experience, including some of the most complex energy projects in the world.

Everyone has “hands-on”project development or construction experience, from developing onshore wind farms in south-east Asia to fulfilling the role of turbine package manager for offshore wind farms.

Our effective communication, real world experience, market insight and commercial and technical perspective make us more than just a technical advisor and more of a strategic partner.



Find out what our clients think makes a good technical advisor


Optimizing project finance for our clients

Planning and executing a successful wind or solar project is highly complex and without the right financing model, nothing can be built.

We see financial services as an integrated part of developing renewable energy projects, such as project finance structure, financial modeling, capital raising, sale and purchase of assets and refinancing. 

We help provide debt and equity finance, financial modeling, sale and purchase of assets and refinancing.

Our global experienced team has extensive relations with investors and lenders, providing you as a developer with the right level of access to capital. As an investor, we can support you with access to projects, evaluation and financing.


News, views and insights

The Crucial Role and Value Addition of the Technical Advisor in Wind Project Financing

Offshore wind projects, irrespective of their scale and location, are inherently intricate. They involve a multitude of technical, financial, planning, and construction considerations, each with unique complexities that necessitate thorough scrutiny from financing parties. This scrutiny typically involves extensive due diligence conducted by third-party experts, covering technical, legal, environmental, social, and other verifications across all project facets. 

Apr 09 2024 | Due Diligence | Offshore wind | EMEA
Spearheading Localised Excellence in Taiwan’s Renewable Energy Sector

The offshore and onshore energy sector in Taiwan has experienced unprecedented growth, with a range of globally leading projects carving out the next generation of renewable energy development. With ambitious plans to ensure 20% of the country’s energy needs are fulfilled by renewable sources by 2025, rapid development is underway to ensure the goal of net zero is met by 2050. 

Jan 25 2024 | Solar PV | Due Diligence | Onshore wind | APAC

How we add value to our clients

Financial Close Achieved for 1GW Hai Long Offshore Wind Farm

K2 Management acted as Lender’s Technical Adviser and Lender’s Environmental and Social Adviser on landmark offshore wind project in Taiwan Strait.


BlueFloat Energy and K2M Drive Taiwan's Offshore Wind Advancement

K2 Management has been selected by BlueFloat Energy in the development of their first offshore floating wind project in Taiwan ahead of upcoming..

Technical Advisory Secured for Japan's Pioneering Goto Floating Wind Farm Project

K2 Management has been appointed as technical advisor on the Goto Floating Wind Farm (Goto) – the first commercial scale floating offshore wind farm..

Advancing Inch Cape: Partnership Progresses Wind Farm to Financial Close

K2 Management has been selected by Inch Cape Offshore Limited to operate as lender’s technical advisor on its wind farm located off the Angus coast..

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Pre-construction projects: The battle to reduce uncertainty and improve business case bankability.

The evolving nature of the renewable energy market means that K2 Management experiences first-hand the challenges faced in the development and pre-construction stages of project in the renewables industry.

pre construction projectsThis report delves into some of the trends and challenges that we see the industry facing on projects across the globe and reflecting on solutions and practices that are being implemented to combat these challenges.