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Constructing your project in safe hands

As projects get bigger, more complex and margins are squeezed, having the right guidance is crucial for ensuring it is completed on-time, on-spec and right on budget.

Specialist project management and hands-on experience is essential for achieving the best possible result. With thousands of successful construction hours under our belt, we can guide you through the most critical aspects of a project build.

Drawing on our experience, we can best advise you on an individual basis. Whether it’s end to end project management, providing specialist implementation teams, offering HSE and Quality Assurance guidance or something else, our experts strive for the best possible result.

Learn more about our Construction and Installation support services in the above drop down menu, or watch the below video to learn how we supported the Dam Nai onshore wind farm from development to operations.

Guiding Dam Nai from development to operations

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Adding value through engineering from start to finish

For developers without the right expertise or resource in-house, appointing an experienced owner's engineer can provide specialist guidance during the development and construction phases all the way through to commissioning.

From mitigation of risk and construction monitoring, to developing the right contracting strategy and scheduling support, the right owner’s engineer takes care of your project through this critical stage.


As owner’s engineer on Dam Nai onshore wind farm in Vietnam, see how we supported our client to completion…

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Delivering successful projects for our clients

Planning and executing a successful wind or solar project is a highly complex, extensive process that requires a detail-driven approach to get it right.

A simple oversight in managing interfaces or an issue during permitting can not only result in delays, but can result in a costly impact on your business case, and subsequently your ROI.

Our highly-experienced team of project managers manage project execution to not only minimize risk, but ensure that your project is delivered on-time and on-budget.


Working with Northland Power to develop Deutsche Bucht

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Protecting your project from top to bottom

Our ethos is to show our clients how to deliver better energy projects, and at the heart of this is ensuring projects are planned and executed safely and in the best way possible.

Without strong HSEQ running through a project, owners are opened up to incidents that can have long-term human and environmental impacts, cause reputational damage and even result in financial penalties and prosecution.

We work closely with our clients to ensure that health, safety, environment and quality is inherent in every action taken on their project and we use this to mitigate risks from pre-development through to operation.


Quality inspection and supervision

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News, views and insights

The complexities of floating wind sector innovation – the case of reinforced concrete

The floating wind sector is in its infancy, though it is developing at a rapid pace. To date, only a few projects have been fully implemented, and the use of reinforced concrete for floating foundations is still relatively new. Although the offshore wind industry has historically been dominated by the use of steel foundations, the use of reinforced concrete platforms offers greater benefits in terms of localisation, costs, flexibility in design and construction and, generally, brings advantages in the form of material availability. 

Developing flagship community-owned solar parks in Denmark

We’re seeing a rapid expansion of the global renewable energy sector, though Denmark has a long history of developing and using renewable methods to secure future energy needs. As it stands, the country derives 67% of its electricity supplies from renewable sources, with wind energy providing just over 46% of that. The country also has an interest in biomass energy, accounting for 11% of its renewable electricity supply.  

May 31 2023 | Company news | Solar PV | Engineering

How we add value to our clients

Due diligence for stake in world’s biggest wind farm

AXA and Crédit Agricole hired K2 Management as their technical advisor when they bought a 50% share in the world’s biggest wind farm, Hornsea 2, for..

Contour Global | O&M service setup for Latin American wind portfolio

K2 Management was engaged by investor, Contour Global, based in USA, to deliver support in moving from a basic O&M set up to a full O&M support..

K2 Management appointed by Cordelio Power for Glacier Sands project

K2 Management was appointed by Cordelio Power to deliver project and construction management for the 185MW Glacier Sands onshore wind project in..

Owner’s Engineer on Octopus Investment’s Onshore Wind Project in Finland

Octopus Investments engaged K2 Management in an Owner’s Engineer role for Project Otso, an onshore wind project located in forested terrain in..

Download K2 Management's whitepaper on reducing the LCOE

Whitepaper | Reducing the levelised cost of energy: Challenges, trends and opportunities in today's wind projects for tomorrow's business cases

The ever-evolving nature of the wind market means K2 Management and JLT Specialty are on the frontline of the latest developments, facing challenges and opportunities with our clients as they happen.

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During these assignments, common trends were identified, illustrating the industry’s growing appetite for both cost and risk reduction and performance improvement.

This report identifies key trends across both onshore and offshore wind projects based on real project data taken from K2 Management’s recent due diligence assignments. It delves deeper into how these trends may evolve, shaping future projects and wider industry advancement and how these are looking to reduce the levelised cost of energy. 

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