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    Site inspection

    Detailed inspections with actionable recommendations & solutions

    Our site inspections

    Site inspection from K2 Management goes beyond just visually reviewing the technology and offering a checklist of red flags to action.

    With a tailor-made approach, a comprehensive site inspection delivers a findings checklist with additional actionable recommendations and solutions by utilizing our extensive industry leading knowledge of the wind energy industry.

    This flexible modular service ranges from essential walkdown inspection to detailed individual component inspections using state-of-the-art methods and tools.

    All inspections are performed by trained, certified and experienced inspectors, complying with global industry standards and local regulation requirements.


    What does a site inspection entail?

    Tailored to your site

    We propose a suitable inspection plan adapted to our clients' specific needs and the requirements of their sites.

    As part of this we take into account elements such as:

    • Turbine make
    • Model 
    • Age of asset
    • Unique characteristics of the site.

    One size does not fit all! 

    Essential elements

    A walkdown inspection is essential to get the full picture of the site. This includes inspection of:

    • Overall site
    • Foundations
    • Documentation 
    • Electronic system
    • Parameters
    • Tower
    • Safety equipment
    • Hydraulic system
    • Drive train
    • Hub and pitch system 
    • Rotor blades (external).

    Get the full picture

    To fully explore your site, we recommend a more detailed approach including:

    • Gearbox video endoscopy
    • Gearbox oil sample
    • Review of lightning protection system
    • Bearing grease test. 

    Options also include: 

    • Thermographic inspection
    • Foundation leveling 
    • Alignment of gearbox generator
    • Bearings ultrasound.

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    Inspection adds value across a project's lifecycle

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    From takeover to end of life

    Site inspection adds value across the lifetime of a project - from ensuring that everything is as it should be at takeover, and end of warranty inspections through to acquisition due diligence inspections and life extension inspections towards the end of a project's life.


    Lars K. Hammershøj

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