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Electrical Engineering

Expertise in electrical engineering on wind and solar projects

Offshore Veja Mate Photo credit: Veja Mate Offshore Project GmbH

Experts in electrical engineering 

Grid connection is a hugely important aspect of any energy project, coming second only to the fundamental availability of natural energy resource.

It is vital that projects are designed and optimized to deliver the maximum amount of generated power to the grid with minimal losses and faults to deliver the optimal output to the power purchasing company.

Connecting clients with electrical excellence

K2 Management’s electrical engineering team deliver expertise to our clients on the electrical grid connection and control of energy assets.
The dedicated SCADA team members are experts in providing advice in this complex and vital area, while the electrical engineers are focused on the generation of the power right up to delivery to the grid.
Solar farm commissioned

Worldwide electrical experience

From generators, power electronics, switchgear, transformers and grid compliance equipment, through to cabling, substations and power systems studies - the team's electrical experience spans global wind and solar projects in a variety of locations, including remote sites with little connectivity. 

With experience both onshore and offshore, including the complexities of offshore cables, HVDC interlinks and the demands of distributed smaller generators in an onshore environment, our capabilities also include electrical storage system advice to support either hybrid power generation, flexible generation, or running in full ‘islanded’ mode for remote projects.

Key electrical services

Whilst we can assist with any electrical related challenge you may have, services we typically provide include:



Grid connection is one of the most important project elements so to make sure you get it right, we undertake concept studies, local connection feasibility and identify point of common connection (PCC), as well as grid connection application support.



Working through the whole project lifecycle, we create bespoke single line diagrams, cabling layout, voltage selection and technology choices, as well as protection and earthing system studies and design.



We undertake fault level analysis, export capacity, grid code compliance and power quality analysis including frequency, voltage, power factor and harmonics to make sure project systems are optimal. 



Whether you're a lender, vendor or investor, our team conducts indepth and independent technical reviews of wind and solar projects to ensure the best business case.



Stepping out from behind the desk, our electrical experts are on hand to deliver construction and design monitoring to ensure adherance to local regulations, codes and standards. 



With years' experience working on energy projects, our team undertake independent site and factory acceptance tests to witness and evaluate conformance with standards and quality to ensure a robust project. 

"Bringing Deutsche Bucht to financial close"

"Northland Power has selected K2 Management for this role [full-scope construction management provider] as a result of their extensive track-record, and their significant contribution to bringing the project to financial close."

Morten Melin | Executive Vice President, Construction |Northland Power

"Delivering offshore wind project management to Taiwan"

“The K2 Management team has very high professional competence in project management of offshore wind power projects. That is why we established a very strong relationship with them.”

Robert Tsai | Chairman | Formosa Wind Power Co. Ltd.

"The quality of the team has been outstanding."

“K2 Management has really provided invaluable contribution to our projects in a way we never would have been able to organize. The quality of the team and the organization around it has been outstanding.”

Albert Jochems | Investment Director | Highland Group Holdings Ltd.

"Helping to grow John Laing's industry presence"

“We are delighted to have K2 Management on our side to help grow John Laing’s presence in the renewable energy sector.”

Edward Thompson | Commercial Director, Renewable Energy | John Laing

"The support from K2M enabled us to progress with our investment..."

“We recognised the opportunity available in investing in Hornsea 2, but as our first foray into offshore wind we were looking for rigorous technical assistance in assessing the project. The support from K2M enabled us to progress with our investment, and we look forward to continuing to explore opportunities in the offshore wind sector in the future.”

Hugo Brändström, Vice President, Infrastructure Equity, AXA

"We look forward to extending our relationship..."

“We were pleased to see that the feasibility study led by K2M and Dohwa demonstrated the enormous potential of the project, and can now confirm that the design and permitting process is underway. We look forward to extending our relationship to cover project design and owner’s engineer services.”

Byeong-Won Chu, Taean Wind Power

"Maryland’s largest offshore wind project..."

“US Wind has big plans to deliver offshore wind to Maryland, contributing to the long-term economic growth of the state with employment opportunities and local investments. We appointed K2 Management as owner’s engineer on our flagship MarWin project to elevate the technical capabilities on what will be Maryland’s largest offshore wind project.”

Jeff Grybowski, CEO, US Wind

"Given its wealth of experience, K2M is the clear partner..."

“Given its wealth of experience, K2M is the clear partner to oversee the day-to-day fabrication at our suppliers’ facilities, as well as the delivery of major components to the Portsmouth Marine Terminal. We are at the forefront of delivering reliable, affordable and increasingly clean energy to our customers, and this partnership is going to help us meet those expectations with our offshore wind project.”

Joshua Bennett, Dominion Energy, Vice President of Offshore Wind

"We trust in their expertise and their ability to deliver..."

"The Pajuperänkangas project contributes to the steady growth of the wind market in Finland, whose neighbours are part of the group of countries at the forefront of Europe’s renewable energy transition. Having financed numerous wind farms in Finland, we are dedicated in continuing this momentum and delivering clean energy to the region. K2 Management’s proven track record of successfully delivering projects of this scale and beyond means that we trust in their expertise and their ability to deliver."

Heiko Ludwig, Global Head Structured Finance, NORD/LB

"K2M’s technical insights have been an important asset to us throughout the development phase"

"K2M’s technical insights have been an important asset to us throughout the development phase, and will continue to inform the project trajectory as it progresses through construction and operation. As well as solidifying investor confidence in the Project’s ability to succeed and ultimately having led to this financial close, K2M’s work has benefited the Taiwanese Offshore Wind Industry through supporting such a landmark project.” 

Frank Spee, ECPI Director for Hai Long

"The support provided has been exceptional"

"InchCape has selected K2 Management for the role of Technical Advisory, and the support provided has been exceptional. The team has shown very good flexibility in responding to project requests, including ad hoc queries and reporting timelines, and has completed all agreed deliverables at the highest level of quality."


"Drawing upon K2 Management’s expertise and extensive experience"

“This marks our inaugural venture into offshore wind in the country, and one of the largest offshore wind projects in Korea, and we’re excited to initiate the first phase of this project. Drawing upon K2 Management’s expertise and extensive experience in global offshore wind projects, we are confident in ensuring its success.“

Seoung-Ho Choe, Representative Director/CEO of PEK

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