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Let’s talk analysis : Our energy yield and CFD specialists are here to help.

Advanced analysis delivered globally

Energy yield is the main driver of asset value.

We deliver validated, defensible results and advice across wind and solar projects that give confidence to developers, investors and lenders.

Our yield analysis has supported thousands of projects through concept, development, pre-construction, financing, operation and M&A.

With over 300 years of combined renewables analysis experience, our specialists average around 10 years of hands-on analysis work. That’s why our clients put their trust in our skills time and time again.

What we do for our clients

    Why is a validated methodology important?

    Validation underpins everything we do. It allows us to close the gap between models and reality, helping our clients to deliver better energy projects. Find out why it’s so important in the video below.



    What sets us apart


    All of our analysis work is underpinned by an end-to-end validation of our methods, and this shows our commitment to continual improvement.

    We’ve tested them rigorously and learnings from our extensive track record feed back into all future work.

    We’ve been there

    Our specialists average around 10 years of hands-on renewables analysis experience, totalling over 300 combined years.

    That’s why our clients put their trust in our skills and why we mean it when we say we’ve been there and done it before.

    Always forward thinking

    We’re committed to R&D and this means we’re always looking ahead.

    Leveraging our experience, expertise and validated methodologies helps our clients push into new technologies, markets and sectors.

    Turbine Interaction Effects: Our Validated Approach

    With the growing scale of wind farms, both onshore and offshore, there has been increased focus on wake, or turbine interaction, effects in recent years.

    Download our paper
    that delves into the blockage effect and describes K2 Management’s wake modelling and turbine interaction effects calculation method alongside the validation and theoretical considerations which it is based upon. 

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