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Triodos Bank | energy yield assessment for lender finance

Rapid review and assessment of energy yield for <10 MW onshore wind farm for lender finance to get a better understanding of risks and ensure results quickly. 

Triodos Bank was considering financing of a wind farm in England and nominated us to carry out an independent study to gain a better understanding of the risks associated with investment in the project. Timescales on the deal were tight, and Triodos needed results quickly.

Initially, a rapid review of existing energy yield reports, planning conditions and grid connection agreement was undertaken. This review highlighted a number of methodologies employed in the existing yield assessment that did not represent industry best practice, and omission of key factors potentially affecting energy yield, such as wind sector management, noise, shadow flicker and ice throw.

On the basis of our initial review, our scope was extended to a full bankable energy yield assessment. To keep the proposed project financing schedule on track, the full analysis and reporting were completed in just over two weeks. Many of the risks highlighted in our initial review
were confirmed and quantified, enabling Triodos to make a sound and justified investment  decision.

We have an experienced team, allowing us to undertake work quickly, whilst maintaining high levels of quality and tailoring our analysis to meet the individual requirements of our clients. We consider energy yield in a wide context, taking into account issues that are often overlooked, such as environmental constraints and planning conditions, to ensure realistic and accurate longterm predictions.


Triodos Bank

"Triodos are pleased with the due diligence support provided. In particular, the team were able to quickly and accurately quantify risks associated with planning conditions which may have had potential energy yield impacts."

Steve Moore
Senior Relationship Manager