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Let’s talk due diligence: Whether buying, selling, borrowing or lending, we are here to help

Trusted technical advisory for efficient renewable energy transactions

Working exclusively in the renewable energy sector, we add value through our technical expertise, deep market insights and our ability to de-risk clients’ projects.

We streamline our approach, so we spend less time creating lengthy technical reports and more time helping our clients navigate transactions.

As a trusted advisor to lenders, investors and owners, our technical specialists balance local knowledge with international technical expertise to help clients achieve efficient transactions of renewable energy assets anywhere in the world.

What we do for our clients

    How can the due diligence process work for you?

    While there are many paths you can take depending on the goals of your project, the fact remains the same that the earlier we are engaged in your transaction, the earlier we can flag and mitigate risk.

    Here is one example of a roadmap leading you through the contributions of our due diligence team as you move towards a successful acquisition.




    What sets us apart

    We value advice over reports

    We spend more time guiding clients through project issues than we do writing lengthy reports. That’s how clients can squeeze more of our expertise out in our assignments. 

    We deliver information concisely to clients, focusing on actual risks and opportunities rather than factual descriptions, and trimming down traditionally long reports to a deliverable that can actually be digested. 

    We’ve done this before

    Our team is made up of consultants from a wide range of renewable energy backgrounds – OEMs, developers, supply chain, the investment community.

    We know projects from all angles and our depth of experience means your transaction is in good hands.

    We see things that others don’t

    We see innovative solutions to future challenges. We see mistakes and risks at an early stage, when they can still be easily mitigated. We gather insights from across the market as we assist stakeholders on projects across the globe.

    Most importantly, and thanks to all of these insights, we see things that others don’t. And that adds value to our clients and their projects.


    Pre-construction projects: The battle to reduce uncertainty and improve business case bankability.

    pre-construction whitepaperThe evolving nature of the renewable energy market means that K2 Management experiences first-hand the challenges faced in the development and pre-construction stages of project in the renewables industry.

    This report delves into some of the trends and challenges that we see the industry facing on projects across the globe and reflecting on solutions and practices that are being implemented to combat these challenges.

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