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K2 Management Supports Commissioning of Cutia’s Wind Complex in Brazil

Following a 12-month contract to deliver comprehensive owner’s engineer services, K2 Management and Cutia Empreendimentos Eólicos, a company of group Copel (Companhia Paranaense de Energia), have commissioned the final turbines at the Cutia Complex, in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil.

K2 Management was appointed to assist Cutia Empreendimentos Eólicos in ensuring the quality of the equipment delivered to site, as well as to oversee the installation and commissioning of the wind turbines was undertaken according to the project and contract requirements. A significant project made up of 86 2.1MW turbines, the Cutia Complex has already been operating at 90%, trading within Brazil’s short-term market. Cutia is part of a larger complex made up of 13 parks and totalling 312.9 MW of installed generation.

Rio Grande do Norte’s unique geography and strong wind speeds have made it a hub for onshore wind development, with approximately one third of Brazil’s installed wind capacity in the state.


Managing Director for K2 Management in Latin America, Hebert A. M. Nascimento, said:

“Brazil’s strong renewables growth doesn’t appear to be slowing with the wind sector showing the potential to grow as high as 300GW of installed generation. Projects like the Cutia Wind Complex represent the ambition and opportunities that Brazilian renewables have to offer. As a world leader in the due diligence, asset management and wind analysis required to build the investment case for developments such as this, K2 Management is proud to be supporting not only Cutia but the wider renewables transition”

Cutia’s Wind Projects Director, André Balestero, said:

"Renewable energy generation projects have been a driving force for Brazil's decarbonization progress. The Cutia Wind Complex reflects the innovation and increasingly diversified portfolio within the Copel group as we move from a company almost exclusively focused on hydroelectric power to an organization that provides a range of other sources of renewable energy generation geared towards future."


Take a look at the construction of the project in the below video...