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Let’s talk asset management: Talk to our specialists about operations strategy

Specialists in boosting the performance of your assets

Whether you’re operating a few assets or a portfolio of sites, asset performance is top priority. Both for the owner and for lenders and potential investors.

 Each site is different but the end goal is the same – an optimally performing, profitable project. This is why we are involved in projects from the early stages to ensure that operational considerations are inherent throughout the process, not an afterthought.

Our specialists bring years of renewables-specific experience in operational projects from across the globe, seeing things that others overlook. And our ability to tap into specialist knowledge from across our business means that clients get robust advice with yield and engineering considerations.

Our Key Services

    What sets us apart

    Experience with perspective

    Within the team, we have extensive hands-on experience from working in OEMs, investors and owner/operators spanning many GW of projects.

    Behind us is the experience of our colleagues across the business who work in project delveopment, as owner’s engineer, project acquisition, due diligence and analysis. 

    Together this combines hands-on project experience with real life perspective from many stakeholders and markets. 

    An independent view

    Our specialists have experience from all sides of the table so we know how OEMs, developers, investors and suppliers tick. 

    We’re in a great position to objectively look at a project’s operational setup, and we’re not owned by any other player, so you can trust our independent position. 

    We think green

    Working exclusively in the renewable energy sector, our focus is entirely on supporting our clients to deliver better wind and solar projects. The considerations that apply to operational infrastructure or traditional energy assets just isn’t the same. 

    Our entire business is focused on renewable energy, so our expertise matches.

    Shifting your mindset from building to operating an offshore wind farm

    During the development, financing and construction of an offshore wind farm, the focus of most developers and suppliers is firmly on how to build the best energy project possible. However, that can result in operational plans taking a back seat until
    much later.

    thank you page imageYou don’t build a wind farm for fun; you build it to operate it. So why is the operational side often more of an afterthought than a focus?

    Did you know that 30-40% of the cost of energy on an offshore wind farm is in the operational phase? Yet this large portion of the cost pie is often given less thought in favour of the tangible, pre-COD elements of the project.

    Here are seven things to think about to strike the balance between both building and operating the best possible wind project.

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