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    Our recruitment process

    Find out more about our recruitment process to help you navigate through your application

    Learn about what to expect from our recruitment process

    A thorough recruitment process is really important to us to ensure that we hire the right person for the job, for the team and for K2 Management. Recruiting a diverse team of colleagues to support the growth and success of K2 Management is key.
    What does the recruitment process entail? Generally, it encompasses four main steps, so read below to find out what to expect when applying for a job at K2 Management.
    & CV

    Find the job you want and apply through our recruitment system


    We create comprehensive job profiles to give you the best impression of the role that we’re recruiting for and our recruitment system will guide you through the process in the first instance. The job profiles describe the ideal candidate, but we're looking for the best match so don't be put off if you don't match every criteria.

    Tracking down a position

    Create a profile in our job agent here, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for the latest updates and view our vacant positions here.

    What to include in your application

    Always include your CV and a one-page cover letter, as well as any supporting documents to give us a complete picture of you, your skills and experience.

    your application

    We've received your application - now what? 


    We don’t operate on a deadline basis, so when we have received your application, we begin to review and evaluate it against the candidate profile described in the advertisement.

    How will we contact you?

    If we’d like to see you for an interview, we’ll give you a call or send you an email to arrange a time and go through the finer details.  If your profile doesn’t suit the specific role, we’ll let you know by email.

    & assessment

    We want to find out about your skills AND your personality


    Remember that an interview is a two-way process. We want to find out about your skills, experiences and your suitability for the role, but it’s also important for you to get to know K2 Management and the job to make sure this is the right place for you.

    The initial meeting

    Your initial meeting with us will most likely be informal, often with one of our HR professionals alongside the hiring manager. This will allow us to elaborate further on your application and to get a first impression of you. Depending on your location, our first meeting might take place over the phone or on Skype.

    Further interviews

    We like to meet with our candidates again to explore the role requirements in depth and to give you an opportunity to further present yourself, both professionally and personally. Before the interview, we will ask you to complete an online personality assessment which reflects your preferred working and management styles, and you will be get feedback on the results at the following interview.

    the team

    You've been offered the job - now what? 


    Once we’ve selected the candidate that we believe is right for the job, we’ll get in touch with you to offer you the position and discuss terms and conditions.


    Getting your contract in order

    Before the final contract of employment is confirmed, we will contact your references from former employers and this will be done with your consent. 

    Joining the team

    As our new colleague, you will go through an ‘onboarding’ programme starting from your first day on the job. This consists of introduction meetings with selected colleagues, and you'll be appointed a First Friend to help you settle in and get the best possible start.

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