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Cubico Sustainable Investments | Adding value through analysis

Cubico Sustainable Investments - “When it comes to operational analysis in the energy market, K2 Management provides a first-class service.”

Cubico Sustainable Investments, a leading investor in renewable energy, has been proactively optimising its portfolio of wind and solar assets, which currently stands at over 3 GW globally.

Cubico engaged K2 Management on a series of projects since 2018 to understand the performance of their assets and in some cases, improve them to drive return on investment.

K2 Management has now supported Cubico in several operational projects across the UK and Brazil to deliver operational performance reviews, assessment of long-term energy yield and calculation of uncertainties.

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Jack Marriott contributed to a round-table interview with Mark Pearson from Mainstream Renewable Power and K2 Management's Ivar Rush, discussing how to minimize uncertainty in an age of bias. You can read the full article here.

Cubico Sustainable Investments

"An accurate energy yield analysis is important in many ways – it not only gives us a true picture of a project and of the business case, but it also allows us to dig deeper to find opportunities for optimising assets.

As Energy Analysis Manager at Cubico Sustainable Investments, I have had a positive experience working with K2 Management on these projects and am happy with how the analysis work went.

When it comes to operational analysis in the energy market, K2 Management provides a first-class service. The team’s accuracy, attention to detail and robust analysis techniques add value to the development of Cubico’s operational portfolio."

Jack Marriott
Energy Analysis Manager