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Attracting the Industry’s Top Talent to K2 Management

Building a welcoming, inspiring and driven culture is something we pride ourselves on at K2 Management. With multiple teams spanning the globe, working towards our core company mission is how each of our colleagues seamlessly come together to collaborate, share ideas, support one another and more. Over the past 17 years, nurturing this inclusive, supportive culture has been fundamental to our success - not only as an organisation but also as a team.

In fact, our levels of staff satisfaction are higher than average for the industry. We pride ourselves on being able to offer our colleagues exceptional career-defining opportunities and development pathways that stretch and challenge their abilities. 

Over several years, we have had the pleasure of welcoming back a number of former colleagues to the K2 Management team. Enriched with a wealth of wider experiences, both in the renewable sector and in other fields, these colleagues are repeatedly drawn back to K2 Management’s collaborative team approach and are attracted to the opportunity of solving some of the world’s most innovative renewable energy challenges. 

“K2 Management is full of decent people who treat each other with respect and as valuable human beings. The company doesn’t sacrifice people over business opportunities or projects,” shares Kirsten Qvist Isak, Senior Consultant, Environmental & Consent, who re-joined K2 Management last year. “This is not unique to K2 Management but it is not a given fact either. It’s a trait which I value highly and which played a significant part in my decision to return.” 

Eugene Kohar, Senior Consultant, Due Diligence, echoes a similar sentiment, commenting that “The K2M culture is incredibly balanced, and in more ways than one. This includes the ability to drive company growth in parallel with every employee’s development, reaching project goals while providing employees with meaningful autonomy, and achieving work-life balance for everyone.”   

Our company culture focuses on building strong colleague and client relationships that are both uniquely professional and personal. “Consultancy is personal,” adds Kirsten. “Clients buy trust and personal relations. And it’s the relations which make you work well together with your colleagues. When it comes to my colleagues, I know we are there for each other through good as well as through bad times.” 

As Kirsten notes, it was her colleagues that drew her back to K2 Management. Praising the organisation’s multi-disciplinary workplace and international culture, she shares how “working elsewhere for a couple of years made it clear to me how unique and valuable K2M’s culture is.” 

Heidi Clausen Jessen, Financial Business Partner, who returned to K2 Management this year, also agrees with this, saying, “I feel we are good at working as a team, and this proves a strong commitment which obviously is key to reaching our goals.” 

For Won-Seon Lee, our Senior Consultant, Project Management, based in Seoul, he explains that a return to K2 Management, after working elsewhere for a couple of years, seemed like the natural step. Given the company’s long-standing accreditations in offshore development, Won-Seon was drawn to the opportunity of new offshore projects in Korea and the projected growth in the region. 

Likewise, K2M’s flexible, collaborative working style and welcoming team culture was as much of a draw for Won-Seon as it was for Kirsten. “The prospect of working with a particular director in our Korea office, plus the opportunity to work with my local colleagues were key reasons I returned to K2 Management,” shares Won-Seon. “And, in my experience, K2M’s overall flexibility and decision-making processes are far greater than most of our major state-owned competitors, giving room for greater innovation.” 

Won-Seon notes how this flexible approach has helped him to successfully complete projects, whereas various team siloes, and inflexible working structures had hindered progress in other professional settings. “There are various factors to consider when changing companies: task, role, career journey, colleagues, and more,” shares Won-Seon. “But at K2 Management, I had fond memories of flexibility in my day-to-day work and operations, with interesting scopes of work. Good cooperation between individual colleagues and whole teams globally helped us to achieve new levels of success.” 

For Financial Business Partner Heidi, a logical and distinct vision for her role was the greatest draw for her return to K2 Management, and she commends the autonomy given to colleagues throughout the organisation. She adds, “we get a clear and transparent visibility of the financials on our projects and that is what I find motivating.” 

“Most companies often pursue business growth so strongly but overlook the career growth of their employees along the way, and to be fair, it is not always easy to align them together,” adds Eugene, praising the balance that K2 Management provides colleagues alongside the needs of the business. “However, K2M does its best to couple them together, as it believes that only employees’ growth could lead to similar business growth.” 

At K2 Management, we’re proud that our welcoming, inclusive and flexible working environment draws talent from all walks of life. We are always on the lookout for exceptional individuals with a range of experience to join our global teams.

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