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What it's Like to Collaborate with Industry Experts as a K2 Management Graduate

At K2 Management, we're committed to supporting the next generation of leaders in the renewable energy sector. Our graduates are highly valued and have the opportunity to take significant levels of responsibility on real-life projects.  

We recently asked our new graduates within the Analysis Services team to share their experiences on their professional development and any challenges they have faced. We also asked how their mentor, Joel Manning, Principal Specialist and R&D Manager, supports their growth.  

A hands-on experience  

As a new starter, graduates can dive headfirst into various exciting projects, turning their academic skills into practical ones. Billy Keegan, one of our new Analysts, shares, "Despite my short time at K2M, I have been allowed to work on many wind projects ranging from onshore and offshore to pre-construction and operational analysis." 

No matter the project, we ensure it's a valuable and practical learning experience. "Having the chance to work on various projects has allowed me to broaden my knowledge and experience of wind energy analysis," Billy adds.  

K2 Management places great emphasis on providing high-quality consultancy services to our clients, so in the early stages of training, graduates must learn to apply methodologies accurately. As a mentor, Joel comments: "Graduates are encouraged to discuss their proposed decisions with their immediate colleagues. Over time, this discussion leads to increased confidence and autonomy."  

Another new Analyst, Fraser Roach, says that having weekly, relaxed chats with his manager allows him to raise any issues quickly and easily, and keeps him regularly updated on his progress. "As industry experts, our managers have so much knowledge to impart on wind analysis and consultancy. It is exciting to be working in an industry constantly improving and adapting, with the people actively pushing it forward," Fraser comments.  

Analyst, Nontakorn Prasitkorn, also praises the quantity of technical knowledge developed over the course of the programme, commenting: “K2 Management gave me a lot of technical knowledge in both onshore and offshore wind energy. For example, I learned how to design the layout of the wind farm, and Energy Yield Assessments in complex terrain sites. It helped me understand how this business works.” 

Theory in practice  

Throughout undergraduate academic life, the teacher or supervisor often knows the answer to a problem. This is a critical difference between academia and a technical consultancy, where finding the answer is valuable because it is often unknown. For early graduates, this difference can be a challenge to grapple with.  

For instance, Analyst, Thomas Nguyen, who obtained a renewable energy degree, tells us there is still so much he needs to understand. "With my academic background, I know some theories and how they can be applied to real problems. But as a new graduate, I quickly realised there are many things I still don't know. However, this has only driven me to keep learning more."  

Entering the working world can be daunting at first, so we provide graduates with the right information to confidently and efficiently follow procedures. We also take the time to explain why we do things and encourage them to question anything they want. "This questioning is vital to develop confidence in why they are doing things and to enable them to explain this to clients," Joel shares.  

This commitment to learning and practical experience ensures that our graduates are agile professionals equipped with the necessary toolkit to navigate the ever-changing landscape of the renewable energy industry. 

New challenges  

Our graduates face various challenges, from time management when juggling multiple tasks to navigating life in a new city. These personal challenges mean there is no one way to support them, but we ensure that all team members meet with their direct manager at least once weekly.  

This regular, no-agenda conversation fosters a close working relationship, which means that whatever challenge they face, they do not face it alone. We provide as much support as possible to help them overcome it. 

When asked to share a challenge, Thomas describes a difficult situation on his first project, where he was unfamiliar with the tools and needed help in figuring out how to progress. He notes that he received brilliant help to overcome this. "Everyone on the analysis team is always happy to lend a hand. No matter how big or small the problem is, they'll sit and work through it with you," he says.  

Similarly, our new Analyst, Wipoo Rungsinan, commented, "The great thing about K2M and the analysis department is that help and support between colleagues is the norm."  

This collaborative spirit ensures that as a K2M graduate, you are part of a supportive community where expertise is shared, and collective success is celebrated. 

A diverse and collaborative culture  

We prioritise a welcoming and inclusive culture to ensure all feel heard and can thrive as their authentic self. And, as a people-first business, we encourage open and honest conversations across all teams.  

With that said, it was fantastic to hear Billy praise the company culture: "K2M has a great team-based culture in which everyone works together to produce top-quality analysis. Everyone is always willing to lend a hand when you need advice, creating a comfortable environment." 

Overall, our company is dedicated to hiring the best talent to create diverse teams that contribute to a greener future on a global scale.  

An exciting career 

To finish our interview, we asked our graduates to describe their experience in three words. The responses? “Great learning experience”, “Intriguing, challenging, exciting", and "Loving every moment!" 

The wind industry has been rapidly evolving and growing for many years. This growth dramatically benefits society but requires a constant influx of talented people to maintain it, and we’re proud that our graduate program brings new, motivated, intelligent people into the industry. It provides them with the skills and experiences to kick-start their careers and continue to drive the industry forward. 

We're constantly seeking new talent to join our team and help us deliver greener solutions to our clients. So, if you want to build a meaningful career and become part of an ambitious consultancy within the renewable energy sector, visit our Careers page here: