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Airvolution | Bankable energy yield assessment

Non-standard bankable energy yield assessment for 8.55 MW Airfield Wind Farm, subject to multiple constraints. We enabled our client to fully understand the potential energy yield of the project and select the best solution. 

We were commissioned by Airvolution to undertake an assessment of energy yield during its acquisition of a three turbine wind farm from Vattenfall. The ROC-ready project is located near Santa Pod Raceway and, while the terrain is relatively simple, the turbines are subject to multiple and evolving constraints relating to grid curtailment, noise and shadow flicker mitigation and impact on bats.

This non-standard assessment required a considered and flexible approach and multiple iterations, to ensure accurate prediction of long-term energy yield within the financing deadlines.

During the acquisition, and later financing of the wind farm, we worked closely with Airvolution to understand and quantify the impact on energy yield of the various and inter-related constraints.

Multiple constraint scenarios, including consideration of noise, shadow flicker and bat impact mitigation, were considered in detail, ensuring that no double accounting of losses occurred in financial models.

Our rapid and responsive approach, with iterations of energy yield prediction undertaken on a short-notice basis, enabled our client to fully understand the potential energy yield of the project and select the optimal turbine for the site. 

Airvolution Energy

"[K2 Management] supported Airvolution in an array of analysis services in our development, pre-construction, acquisition and operational activities. The team's excellent technical knowledge, diligent and very pro-active approach meant that we could made well informed decisions and assess yield risk arising from noise, ecology and grid related wind farm curtailment. They have supported us greatly and contributed to successful financial close on a large number of onshore wind projects."

Alicja Kowalewska
Due Diligence Manager