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Keystone Tower Systems | K2 Management Engineering

Sep 16 2014 | Onshore | Engineering

K2 Management is happy to announce that we have signed yet another contract with our client Keystone Tower Systems. In this agreement, we will work as a subcontractor to Keystone Tower Systems under a US Department of Energy grant that supports the advancement of tall tower technologies.

“Our scope is to provide logistics planning, risk assessment, foundation design, scheduling as well as assisting in the development of the installation procedure for their tall tower concept with in-field manufacturing,” Carsten Jensen, Managing Director of K2 Management in the US, explains.

For Keystone Tower Systems it is important to have a partner, who has the practical insight and industry know how.

“Developing next generation wind turbine towers requires an in-depth understanding of the supply chain and customer requirements. K2 Management possesses these skills and can provide clear and actionable advice and insights,” Eric Smith, CEO, Keystone Tower Systems states.

Previously, K2 Management helped Keystone Tower Systems with a permitting study, site selection, logistics study, foundation pre-design, scheduling and economics estimation.


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