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iKR | K2 Management performs design review of substation

In September and October 2013 we helped our client KEPCO/iKR with a design review of a substation for the upcoming South West offshore wind farm. We are pleased to have received this statement from our client:

"KEPCO/iKR hired K2 Management to perform an engineering design review of an offshore wind farm substation in the fall of 2013 (South West offshore wind farm - 2,500 MW). For KEPCO/iKR it is paramount to have industrial best practice design and state-of-the-art technologies.

For that purpose, we were looking for an experienced and skilled consultancy company with a global setup, local understanding and a long proven track record. All requirements we found at K2 Management.

K2 Management work included deck configuration, equipment layout and advice on counter-measurement against salinity, lighting protection, working conditions assessments, safety and evacuation plans.

As advisors, K2 Management have been a pleasure to have onboard. Work has been thorough, thoughtful and timely. K2 Management’s deep knowledge within offshore wind planning has helped us to avoid numerous potential concerns."


Overall, we highly recommend the services of K2 Management and the people behind.

Miyoung Kim
Senior Research Engineer, Ph.D.