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Asset management on Asian wind farm | Identification of underperformance

K2 Management helped Identifying causes of underperformance - and we had to take a new approach to operational assessment to solve the problem and bring new insights. 

The wind farm in question was underperforming significantly compared to its pre-construction energy yield assessment. Another consultant had already conducted a reconciliation analysis to identify the reasons for underperformance, but had been unable to establish the root cause.

We approached the analysis from a new perspective, bringing insights that had not been uncovered previously.

Through use of nacelle and ground mounted LiDAR, as well as traditional mast data,  we observed that the turbines were performing well in warranted conditions. However, periods of
high atmospheric stability occur frequently in this region, and during such conditions turbine
performance was significantly reduced.

As a result of these findings, our client was able to focus discussions with the manufacturer on the improvement of energy yield through controller optimisation, rather than spending time and money on further investigation or warranty claims.