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  • Owner's engineer for Dam Nai, Vietnam onshore project
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Owner's engineer for Dam Nai, Vietnam onshore project

K2 Management is undertaking a contract for the owner’s engineer, project management and construction management of the 40 MW Dam Nai wind farm in Vietnam. 

With a full owner’s engineer scope, K2 Management is undertaking design review and site inspections of the entire balance of plant, as well as wind turbine activities from factory inspections through to final commissioning.

The project team is collaborating closely with the developer and owner on construction activities, health and safety issues, construction quality, project documentation and planning to secure contract, timeline and budget compliance.

The project, set to be the first foreign-owned wind farm in Vietnam, is being constructed in two phases to be completed in 2018. 

K2 Management and client The Blue Circle from K2 Management on Vimeo.

Olivier Duguet, CEO at The Blue Circle, commented: “The development of the Dam Nai wind farm will be a significant contribution to Vietnam’s ambitious energy target set by the government and will allow Vietnam to tap into its natural resources.  We are delighted to appoint K2 Management in this role and will look forward to benefiting from their global expertise and vast wind experience.”

Per K. Melgaard, Partner at K2 Management, stated: “Working with The Blue Circle on the Dam Nai project is a pleasure and we look forward to successfully completing the role of owner’s engineer and project manager.”

“K2 Management has a wealth of experience as a key advisor in the development and implementation of wind projects and has hands-on local knowledge of the South-East Asian wind market. We will look forward to working closely with The Blue Circle to deliver a successful project.”