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Formosa | Expanding client work to general consultant

Formosa 1 Offshore Wind Farm (128 MW) will be Taiwan’s first utility-sized offshore wind farm, planned for commissioning by 2018. K2 Management has performed wind modelling and wind data analysis and will now expand its scope of work to include:

  • Sub-sea cable engineering design review
  • Invitation To Tender (ITT) review for sub-sea cable work package
  • WTG layout optimization
  • TSA negotiation and contracting
  • O&M negotiation and contracting
  • Master plan review and advice.
Formosa Wind Power Co. Ltd. is a winner of the Taiwan Government Grant Scheme promoting wind energy development in Taiwan. The Formosa 1 Offshore Wind Farm is located near the coast of Miaoli County.
Interview with Chairman Robert Tsai:


Formosa Wind Power Co. Ltd

We are looking forward to the cooperation with K2 Management. We are confident they will help us in successfully realizing the project providing clean energy to Taiwan and support our national renewable targets.

Lucas Lin
Project Management Officer