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SK E&C | Supporting offshore in Korea

K2 Management has supported SK E&C in South Korea to perform a measurement campaign for developing an offshore wind farm. The wind farm is not far from the coastline and the site center is about 4 km from the shore.

The client was looking for an economical way to collect offshore wind data and appointed K2 Management to recommend a solution.  

Using an onshore met mast, LiDAR and CFD modelling for the measurement campaign, the benefits of utilising this combination of equipment and techniques have already been apparent and acknowledged by the customer.


We are pleased to have K2 Management on our side supporting us with wind analysis and CFD services. K2 Management’s expertise in analyzing wind speed shifting behavior from onshore to offshore site provided us with an optimized, cost-effective solution in the measurement campaigns.

K2 Management’s support has been instrumental in the planning process for development of the offshore wind farm.

Mr. Y. U. Chung (James Chung)
Project Manager