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200 MW onshore project in Texas | Acquisition due diligence


Successful acquisition bid


Rapid acquisition support for 200 MW project in Texas, USA, operational for less than one year. Our analysis helped the client with inspections, analyzing data for turbines and inspection of power curves. 

We advised our client in relation to the proposed acquisition of a 100+ turbine wind farm in Texas with a bid deadline that was too short to be achievable for other consultants.

Having been operational for less than a year, long-term wind farm energy yield presented a significant risk, and without our analysis, the client would have had to place full reliance on pre-construction estimates only.

We undertook a rapid inspection of 10-minute SCADA, analysing data for all turbines within four days, including inspection of power curves and thrust/RPM relationships.

By doing so, we were able to deliver increased confidence in the longterm energy yield of the project, beyond the  reconstruction reporting available in the data room, putting our client in a stronger bidding position.