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  • Luhanka, Latamäki | Securing wind energy in Finland
Photo Credit: Ilmatar

Luhanka, Latamäki | Securing wind energy in Finland

Mar 26 2014 | Onshore | Owner's engineer

K2 Management has been an important partner for local developer Ilmatar in terms of closing the contract with wind turbine manufacturer Vestas for the Luhanka, Latamäki site. 

In the fall of 2013 K2 Management has been on Ilmatar’s side acting as Owner’s Engineer making sure they could sign a TSA (Turbine Supply Agreement) for six 3MW turbines planned for commissioning the summer of 2014.

“K2 Management has a long proven track record and thereby a practical approach for finding solutions for its clients. We honor this way of working and are looking forward to be working with K2 Management again,“ Mikko Toivanen, COO and Co-founder of Ilmatar said.


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