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Owner’s Engineer on Octopus Investment’s Onshore Wind Project in Finland

onshore wind farms

Acquisition mid-construction


 wind turbines

Octopus Investments engaged K2 Management in an Owner’s Engineer role for Project Otso, an onshore wind project located in forested terrain in Finland. The project consists of two wind farms, Saunamaa and Suolakangas, comprised of 17 V150-4.2 MW WTGs.   

The project scope encapsulated project management, design review, quality management, health & safety management, documentation review, and site inspections.  

Mid-construction Octopus Investments took 100% ownership of the project and K2 Management’s scope was further increased to provide additional construction management support through subcontractor management and greater presence onsite.

Søren P. M. Pedersen, Senior Project Manager at K2 Management said, “Our work on this project captures K2 Management’s approach - to holistically understand the client’s needs beyond the scope of work and add value throughout. We identified solutions to challenges and opportunities for improvement across the project. We are excited to continue our collaboration with Octopus Investments and look forward to seeing this project operational by the end of 2021.”


Octopus Investments
As part of Octopus Group’s mission to accelerate the transition to a future powered by renewable energy, we are delighted to add this project to our portfolio. Building a partnership with K2 Management made sense for us given their extensive experience in onshore wind, and with their increased involvement as construction progressed, we felt confident our project would continue to be executed to a high-quality standard.
William Spencer
Senior Technical Asset Manager