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Ogin | Mapping Italy for new type of turbine from Ogin

Ogin engaged K2 Management in the second half of 2013 to identify suitable Italian site-specific wind conditions for its high efficiency shrouded wind turbine.

K2 Management’s Wind & Site team calculated Annual Energy Production (AEP), Capacity Factor (CF) and Full Load Hours (FLH) for three local sites. A site-related power curve benchmarking for Ogin and competitor wind turbines was also conducted characterized by the best energy production and site suitability.

Ogin International B.V
The K2 Management Wind Analysis team possess unique independent know how and experience that is hard to find elsewhere. With K2 Management’s final and clear report we were able to have a more solid and qualitative insight into the market potential for our turbine. Furthermore, K2 Management displayed notable local insight, knowledge and network to the Italian energy sector.
Matthew Commons
Vice President, International Development