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RATCH Australia Corporation | independent energy yield assessment


(AC) solar farm

Improved project P90

Independent energy yield assessment of a 42 MW (AC) solar farm in Australia, on the site of a decommissioned coal-fired power station. K2 Management was appointed to undertake an energy yield assessment of the Collinsville Solar Farm following the successful award of $9.5m AUD to RATCH in the latest round of ARENA grant funding.

With only a handful of projects operating, large-scale solar PV remains in its infancy in Australia, making Collinsville a flagship RATCH project.

The proposed farm consists of three large zones of PV arrays to be developed on the site of a decommissioned coal-fired power station. Measured data from an onsite pyranometer located central to the three zones was available. 

Once the quality and consistency of the site measurements was confirmed, K2 Management was able to use them in the analysis to improve accuracy in long-term resource predictions, thereby reducing the uncertainty in the energy yield and improving the project P90.

Industry best practice software, methods and tools were applied throughout the analysis and a comprehensive review of losses, specific to the site conditions and equipment under consideration, was undertaken, further improving the accuracy of the results.

RATCH Australia Corporation

"The team was thorough in its approach to this analysis. It is clear they have an in-depth understanding of solar technology and yield analysis methodology, and have applied this to achieve a low uncertainty result. Analysis methods and results were clearly presented in their report, and by supporting our own in-house studies, enable us to progress the project with greater confidence."

Mirjam Tome
Project Development Engineer