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Owner's engineer contract secured with Copel for 181MW wind farm

Wind consultancy, K2 Management, has been awarded a 12-month contract to deliver comprehensive owner’s engineer services on phase one of the CUTIA Complex onshore wind farm, in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil.

Appointed by developer Companhia Paranaense de Energia S.A. Copel after a public bidding process, K2 Management’s scope of work will include responsibility for the inspection of components (towers, blades, nacelles and hubs) and the supervision of installation and commissioning of 86 2.1 MW WEG turbines.

“K2 Management was appointed to assist Copel in ensuring the quality of the equipment delivered to site, as well as to oversee the installation and commissioning  of the WTGs, according to the project and contract requirements. 

"K2 Management’s experience in managing wind power projects will be essential in this regard,” said Andre Balestero, Copel’s project coordinator for CUTIA – Bento Miguel wind farm complexes.

Managing Director for K2 Management in Latin America, Hebert A. M. Nascimento, said: “The wind market in Latin America is growing rapidly and we are delighted to secure this partnership with Copel and contribute to the expansion of its wind power generation in Brazil.”

The 181 MW project, located in Rio Grande do Norte state, is expected to be commissioned by the end of 2017.