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Levelling up wind industry economics could protect supply chain

09-Jun-2022 21:14:23 | Development, Offshore wind, Procurement & supply chain, Pre-development

Renewable energy demand is increasing, most recently driven by a determination to reduce reliance on Russian oil and gas with a longer-term goal to achieve hugely ambitious net-zero targets set by governments all over the world.  Ambitious pledges are being announced frequently – most recently the combined promise from.. Read More

What potential does the Baltic States hold for offshore wind?

05-May-2022 18:18:40 | Development, Offshore wind, Pre-development

According to a report for the European Union carried out in 2019 there is a total of 93GW of offshore wind potential in the Baltic States. These markets – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – are putting their collective foot on the accelerator to prepare for the big task ahead. But what potential do the Baltic States have for.. Read More

Shifting your mindset from building to operating an offshore wind farm

28-Apr-2022 16:40:17 | Asset management, Offshore wind, Operation

During the development, financing and construction of an offshore wind farm, the focus of most developers and suppliers is firmly on how to build the best energy project possible. But that means operational plans can taking a back seat until much later. Building a wind farm is not just for fun; we build projects to operate.. Read More

K2 Management to advise Baltic offshore wind developer, Sunly

24-Mar-2022 07:00:00 | Development, Offshore wind

K2 Management will consult on the development of a pipeline of offshore wind projects in the Baltic Sea, after signing a framework agreement with Sunly, the independent power producer in the Baltic States and Poland.  The team will undertake pre-development studies and research for Sunly’s offshore wind projects and will.. Read More

K2M launches new asset management system in collaboration with Emerson

09-Mar-2022 10:25:05 | Solar PV, Onshore wind, Asset management, Offshore wind, Operation

Renewables specialists join forces to provide independent power producers with digitalised operations and maintenance support as O&M costs balloon for mature projects. K2 Management has collaborated with Emerson’s business Mita-Teknik, a leader in the control automation business for wind power generation, to launch ‘P50.. Read More

What does 'breaking the bias' mean to the inspiring women at K2M?

08-Mar-2022 09:58:20 | Company news

The women of K2 Management are breaking the bias every day, bringing their expertise to a technical industry that’s generally male dominated. To celebrate International Women's Day 2022, meet some of our talented and inspiring colleagues who work hard to #breakthebias in renewable energy, and find out what matters to them.. Read More

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