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K2 Management to support hybrid renewables in 2023

24-Jan-2023 01:21:31 | Company news, Solar PV, Onshore wind, Offshore wind

K2M takes new service offering to market in recognition of significant opportunity for hybridised renewables in realising European Commission’s REPowerEU plan. Hybrid projects have potential to de-risk supply chain constraints, optimise clean energy supplies and provide new revenue for renewable investors. We will begin.. Read More

How strong partnerships can turbo-charge clean energy roll out in APAC

09-Jun-2022 21:15:02 | Solar PV, Due Diligence, Onshore wind, Engineering, Development, Offshore wind, Pre-development

Asia Pacific’s renewable energy potential is huge. The region is home to some of the fastest growing economies in the world and a rapidly expanding population.  Unsurprisingly, the United Nations recently cited that the demand for energy is growing faster in this corner of the world than anywhere else.  With an abundance of.. Read More

K2M launches new asset management system in collaboration with Emerson

09-Mar-2022 10:25:05 | Solar PV, Onshore wind, Asset management, Offshore wind, Operation

Renewables specialists join forces to provide independent power producers with digitalised operations and maintenance support as O&M costs balloon for mature projects. K2 Management has collaborated with Emerson’s business Mita-Teknik, a leader in the control automation business for wind power generation, to launch ‘P50.. Read More

Five reasons to invest in Polish renewables

29-Oct-2020 09:00:00 | Solar PV, Due Diligence, Onshore wind, Offshore wind

Poland is still very much at the early stages of its energy transition, in a drive to move away from fossil fuels and build a more sustainable energy network. Despite a slow start compared to some European counterparts, Poland’s renewable energy market has been hotting up over the last two years and is now an attractive.. Read More

How to tap into the benefits of co-location

26-Jun-2020 12:16:01 | Solar PV, Onshore wind, Development

Despite the benefits that co-location of wind and solar generation on a single site brings – from managing the peaks and troughs of generation to optimizing ROI, hybridisation strategies are still only in place on a small proportion of global clean energy sites. So what are the barriers to greater proliferation of co-located.. Read More

What are the impacts of shifting solar lifetime from 25 to 35 years?

28-May-2020 16:41:58 | Solar PV, Development

The traditional lifespan of 25 years for solar PV technology is becoming a thing of the past, now making way for 30 to 35-year projections. But what impacts might you face by shifting the expected lifetime of your solar PV plant to 35 years? Here’s some insight from some of our solar experts: What is the expected lifespan of.. Read More

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