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Posts about Offshore wind (15):

Northland Power appoints K2 Management

Sep 29 2017 |

K2 Management has been awarded a lump sum service agreement by Northland Power Inc. The agreement includes full scope construction management on the €1.4bn Deutsche Bucht (“DeBu”) offshore wind farm in the German North Sea. K2 Management has been working on the 269 MW project since 2013, providing engineering and development..

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Military concept reduces risks in wind projects

Jun 21 2017 |

Do you go to war without first planning and practicing your next move? Would you play a concert without rehearsing with your instrument and orchestra? The same question should be asked when developers and contractors are planning the development and construction of their projects. A technique used by the armed forces,..

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Tough times ahead for power curve warranties

Apr 18 2017 |

Wind turbine performance warranty claims are about to get way more complicated and murky and the reason is the newly-released international standard for power curves: IEC 61400-12-1: 2017. According to the IEC, the standard specifies a procedure for measuring the power performance characteristics of a single wind turbine and..

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