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Day in the Life: Asier Barbeito Albizu, Junior Engineer, Civil Engineering

Our colleagues are key to our successes across the globe. And, in this new blog series, we’re taking a look behind the scenes to showcase the roles of those who are making a significant impact - not only at K2 Management, but in the wider renewable energy sphere. With our operations spanning many countries and teams located throughout the world, our colleagues fulfill a range of exciting, interesting roles that underpin how we support our clients. 

In this latest blog, we meet with Asier Barbeito Albizu, a Junior Engineer in our Civil Engineering division. Asier’s role consists of a range of duties, including undertaking metocean site condition assessments that support offshore foundation design, conducting due diligence tasks in light of metocean site investigations and foundation design reports, and numerical modeling for local and structural assessments. Asier is also playing a key role in the development of K2 Management's in-house fit-for-purpose metocean and foundation design related tools and methods. 

“It is quite a dynamic role,” comments Asier. “And, considering the civil engineering department is not too big, I get to do different tasks supporting different colleagues in their areas of expertise. This would not be possible in bigger companies or larger departments where one might end up stuck carrying out the same task for extended periods of time.” 


For Asier, the mornings are typically quite flexible. Based in our Denmark office, Asier’s day starts at 8am and is usually determined by his morning meeting schedule that fluctuates throughout the week. “I mostly work with colleagues that are one hour behind, so I usually try to start and finish a bit later so that I have more overlapping working hours with my colleagues down in Lisbon or the UK,” shares Asier. “This also allows me to do some exercise in the morning, sometimes going for a run or to the gym before work. “ 

For Asier, department meetings usually involve 10 colleagues in the Civil Engineering team that is spread across 5 countries - Portugal, the UK, Korea, Taiwan and Denmark. Every Tuesday morning begins with the CIV department meeting where the team catches up on new leads and proposals, and updates on the projects each teammate is currently working on. “The department is full of experts on different fields, and everyone is always keen to offer their support or share their knowledge, which makes it a collaborative and enriching environment to work in,” comments Asier. 


Like many of our colleagues, Asier’s lunch break is a team affair. As a member of the Copenhagen team with 5 teammates, Asier and his colleagues usually venture to the staff canteen together to catch up on weekend plans, holidays, or projects they are each working on. “Lunch in the Copenhagen office is usually from 12pm to 12:30pm, sometimes even earlier! It’s something a southern European needs to get used to…” adds Asier. 

Asier’s afternoons are flexible - as are many of his working days depending on team or workload needs. “The way I organize my days varies depending on the client-work workload I have, which fluctuates depending on the projects won and tasks assigned to me,” shares Asier. Gaps within his day when client work gets slightly quieter are usually spent on tool development, maintenance and updates, usually involving K2 Management’s metocean or foundation design tools.  

“It’s an important part of my job,” adds Asier. “Internal tool development enables improvement of the efficiency and interfaces of our tools to deliver better results in a shorter timeline. All these tool developments involve multiple colleagues, which means we would usually have a daily meeting to discuss progress or future steps.” 

Asier shares that the tasks that the civil engineering department undertake are quite dynamic, where tasks vary a lot from one project to another. “For example, I can be doing due diligence work for offshore wind projects that require reviews related to foundation design and site investigations, but also, I am getting introduced to wind and solar projects too. In addition to this, I can be working on metocean condition assessments, lifetime extension projects, and bottom-fixed foundation design work. This can be challenging, but in my opinion, this is the best way to learn and get the bigger picture of the industry.” 

Since joining K2 Management in 2021, Asier has gained a range of experience in offshore foundation design which he feels resonates well with his university education. In the years to come, he has plans to further develop his technical skills. Asier shares that he also aspires “to continue working collaboratively and supporting colleagues in their respective areas of expertise, as this will facilitate the transfer of knowledge and enhance my understanding of the broader industry.” 

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