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Navigating Germany’s New Decommissioning Requirements

Jul 22 2024 |

Germany is one of the world’s leading countries in offshore wind energy, with over 1,500 wind turbines and a capacity exceeding 8.4 GW. In fact, the industry has significantly contributed to the country's renewable energy targets, yet it faces the upcoming challenge of decommissioning its aging wind energy infrastructure...

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UK and Ireland Market Update

Jul 3 2024 |

In the renewable energy sector, rapid innovation naturally introduces a dynamic working environment that presents a range of new challenges and opportunities. When we consider technological advancements, investor relations, evolving market conditions and more, it’s likely that the challenges once front of mind a few years ago..

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Attracting the Industry’s Top Talent to K2 Management

Jun 25 2024 |

Building a welcoming, inspiring and driven culture is something we pride ourselves on at K2 Management. With multiple teams spanning the globe, working towards our core company mission is how each of our colleagues seamlessly come together to collaborate, share ideas, support one another and more. Over the past 17 years,..

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Key Insights: Portugal's Offshore Wind Auction

May 28 2024 |

Our colleague, Pauline Laporte Weywada, Head of Civil Engineering, had the opportunity to attend the Oceanic Renewables Summit organized by APREN - Associação Portuguesa de Energias Renováveis, where industry leaders gathered to explore the current landscape of offshore wind markets in Portugal and Spain. The discussions were..

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World Mental Health Awareness Week 2024

May 13 2024 |

This year’s Mental Health Awareness Week covers the theme of movement, and how we can all move more to positively aid our mental health. Whether it's through dance, yoga, running or something else entirely, exercise has many proven benefits for our mental health and wellbeing. Finding ways to incorporate movement into our..

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Unwrapping the European Wind Power Package

Apr 25 2024 |

The announcement of the package outlined six main pillars of action: faster permitting and deployment; improved auction design; improved access to finance; monitoring unfair trade practices; large-scale development of skills; and commitments from member states for a collective EU wind charter. State implementation key These..

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IWD: Inspiring Inclusion in the Renewable Energy Industry

Mar 7 2024 |

Despite progress in recent years and new initiatives to encourage women to pursue careers in STEM, only 32% of renewable energy workers in the global industry are women. There is still a big gap to close here, but at K2 Management, we understand the need to empower women and drive equal opportunities. We have a greater number..

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Happy Holidays: 2023 in Numbers

Dec 1 2023 |

As the year draws to a close, we pause to reflect on the incredible journey we've had at K2 Management. It's been a year of growth, and collaboration, and we want to share our thanks for a fantastic year. To all of our clients, colleagues, partners and friends, we would like to wish you a Happy Holidays. As we step into the..

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Nurturing and Developing Talent in the Renewable Energy Sector

Nov 22 2023 |

As the renewable energy sector continues to grow at considerable pace, so do the teams supporting this innovative work across the globe. The very same applies to K2 Management. Since 2007, our team has grown considerably from 2 to 165. With a focus on supporting our colleagues' professional interests via the provision of..

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Driving Innovative Analysis Services in Renewable Energy

Nov 14 2023 |

As the renewable energy landscape evolves, key innovators within our industry are directing pioneering teams in the wind and solar analysis space. One of those individuals is Andy Hay, a Principal Specialist and Manager of K2 Management’s Analysis Services team – a team that has successfully worked on 150 renewable energy..

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Reflecting on World Mental Health Day

Oct 9 2023 |

K2 Management is dedicated to shaping a sustainable future. However, the progress we have made to date would not be possible without the support of our greatest asset - our people. October 10th marks World Mental Health Day which is a moment for us all to reflect on the importance of taking care of our mental wellbeing. This..

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Empowering Offshore Wind Development in APAC

Sep 29 2023 |

As initiatives ramp up to drive forward clean energy generation, the Asia-Pacific (APAC) market has emerged as a hotspot for offshore wind energy development. With an abundance of vast coastlines, wind resources and growing energy needs, exciting developments in the region could see APAC become one of the leading offshore..

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The Graduate Experience at K2 Management

Aug 28 2023 |

Stepping beyond the world of academia into a professional setting is daunting for any new graduate. However, the renewable energy sector offers a vast array of exciting, fast-paced opportunities for those willing to get stuck in and learn something new every day. K2 Management’s Graduate Experience has welcomed nearly 20..

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Embracing Cultural Awareness: Reflections on Our Workshop

Jul 24 2023 |

In our interconnected world, there is a growing need for greater cultural awareness. As a global consultancy, the significance of cultural understanding was recently given the spotlight at an employee workshop led by K2 Management’s President of APAC, Patrick Architta. Patrick’s career has seen him live in several countries..

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Founding Ireland’s renewable energy future

Jun 15 2023 |

May 2023 saw Ireland enter the global wind energy market, having delivered its first ever offshore wind auction - ORESS 1 (Offshore Renewable Electricity Support Scheme). A remarkable milestone for the country’s future in renewable energy, the auction awarded 3.1 GW of capacity across four projects, namely Codling Wind Park,..

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Earth Day 2023: Investing in a Sustainable Future

Apr 21 2023 |

As we celebrate Earth Day 2023, we’re taking the time to reflect on this year’s theme - ‘Invest In Our Planet’. Despite the fantastic environmental and sustainability initiatives underway across the globe, there is still much to be done in terms of investment and development to ensure an environmentally-conscious future for..

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A Career with Purpose: Choosing the Renewables Sector

Apr 18 2023 |

The renewables sector is an accelerating, high-growth industry. Over the last few years, there is no doubt that considerable investment has been made in the sector. In 2022 alone, a record $495 billion was invested into renewables - 17% up on the level of investment witnessed only a year prior in 2021. With this comes great..

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Utilising transferable skills for the renewables sector

Mar 14 2023 |

In the race to net zero, the renewables sector has come under the spotlight. As an exciting and innovative industry that is undergoing monumental change at speed, it promises exciting career opportunities for those wanting to pursue them. It has been predicted that between now and 2030, the global renewables industry will..

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Framing change for the renewables industry

Mar 8 2023 |

Positive change is underway in the renewables industry to ensure greater diversity and equality. However, just like every industry, there is always more that can be done to ensure equity across the board. A traditionally male dominated industry much like other STEM sectors, the renewable energy industry does have a prime..

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K2-Management-Seasonal Greetings

Season's Greetings: 2021 in numbers

Dec 16 2021 |

As 2021 comes to a close, from all of us at K2 Management we want to share our thanks for a fantastic year. Despite the challenges that the pandemic continued to present, we have made it through another year with some great successes to speak of. To all of our clients, colleagues, partners and friends, we'd like to send..

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ScotWind: what comes next?

Nov 25 2021 |

Since the process began in June 2020, to the application closing date in July this year, ScotWind Leasing (ScotWind) has been an auction that the entire wind industry has kept a keen eye on. With 75 different applications emerging, there are many big players with their sights set on the Scottish offshore wind market. The..

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Cop26 - ambitions under threat unless clean energy market is re-geared for greater private investment

COP26: UK Renewables target to be missed

Nov 5 2021 |

While UK Government will make much of its own renewable energy targets during COP26, these ambitions are under threat unless the clean energy market is re-geared for greater private investment UK targets for 100% clean energy by 2035 – announced at the Conservative party conference on 4th October – will struggle to be..

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Carsten Nielsen appointed CEO at K2 Management

Oct 28 2021 |

K2 Management today announces that its Board of Directors has appointed Carsten Nielsen as its new CEO. The renewables and maritime industry leader will join from Semco Maritime in November, bringing with him 20 years of experience in offshore wind development and experience across a range of project-based industries. Across..

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Six signs your project needs HSEQ attention

Sep 22 2021 |

Without a global set of health safety, environment, and quality regulations specific to renewable energy projects, standards can fluctuate depending on where in the world a project is. Some projects will comply with best-practice regulations and others will follow local standards and guidance, so this can lead to inconsistent..

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Turbine technology development – is bigger always better?

Jun 30 2021 |

With each evolution of turbine technology, the trend is clear. Bigger turbine with bigger blades, bigger capacity and ultimately a bigger commercial benefit. However, there may come a point when going bigger isn’t commercially or economically viable and although it’s unclear when this might happen, it inspires some..

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It is time turbine design lifetime limits had a reality check

May 26 2021 |

Conservative turbine design lifetime limits are a costly distraction from the potential of offshore projects to continue to help meet decarbonisation targets Limitations on wind turbine design lifetimes are hampering efforts to manage costs in asset lifecycles, reducing the effectiveness of long-term decision making and..

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International Women's Day Series: Kirsty Curry

Mar 11 2021 |

On International Women’s Day we are reminded of the fundamental truth that diverse teams are stronger teams. We are lucky to have many outstanding women at K2 Management and so to celebrate #IWD2021 we wanted to highlight some of our inspiring colleagues leading the way as women in the renewables industry. We found out from..

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International Women's Day Series: Maeghan Lefebvre

Mar 10 2021 |

On International Women’s Day we are reminded of the fundamental truth that diverse teams are stronger teams. We are lucky to have many outstanding women at K2 Management and so to celebrate #IWD2021 we wanted to highlight some of our inspiring colleagues leading the way as women in the renewables industry. We found out from..

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International Women's Day Series: Sayuri Watanabe

Mar 9 2021 |

On International Women’s Day we are reminded of the fundamental truth that diverse teams are stronger teams. We are lucky to have many outstanding women at K2 Management and so to celebrate #IWD2021 we wanted to highlight some of our inspiring colleagues leading the way as women in the renewables industry. We found out from..

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International Women's Day Series: Pauline Laporte Weywada

Mar 8 2021 |

On International Women’s Day we are reminded of the fundamental truth that diverse teams are stronger teams. We are lucky to have many outstanding women at K2 Management and so to celebrate #IWD2021 we wanted to highlight some of our inspiring colleagues leading the way as women in the renewables industry. We found out from..

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Owner's engineer and asset manager on onshore wind projects in Pakistan

K2 Management’s double appointment in Pakistan

K2 Management has secured two mandates to deliver technical expertise for onshore wind projects in Pakistan. Developer, Artistic Milliners, has appointed K2 Management as owner’s engineer, to deliver full technical advisory throughout the construction phase of the 50MW Artistic Wind Power Project in Jhimpir, Pakistan. The..

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Dogger Bank construction monitoring role for K2M

Jan 27 2021 |

K2 Management has been awarded the four-year construction monitoring contract on the first two phases of the world’s largest offshore wind farm development, Dogger Bank Wind Farm, which reached financial close in November. The appointment comes on the back of a successful two-year Lender’s Technical Advisor role which saw K2..

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The big supply chain squeeze

A huge expansion in European offshore wind is on the horizon, according to WindEurope and the European Commissioni. This is represented by a 25-fold increase in capacity in the next 30 years which is impressive, but the short-term plans are even more staggering. A five-fold increase in the next 10 years is a significant..

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We were also owner's engineer for the Dam Nai onshore wind farm in Vietnam

Securing two new owner's engineer roles in Vietnam

Oct 7 2020 |

K2 Management has been appointed to deliver consultancy services on two wind projects in Vietnam – one nearshore and one onshore wind project. Developer Xuan Cau and an international investor engaged K2 Management as Owner’s Engineer for a 60 MW onshore wind farm in the Binh Dinh province of Vietnam. The scope of work will..

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How to tap into the benefits of co-location

Despite the benefits that co-location of wind and solar generation on a single site brings – from managing the peaks and troughs of generation to optimizing ROI, hybridisation strategies are still only in place on a small proportion of global clean energy sites. So what are the barriers to greater proliferation of co-located..

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Getting construction right: Understanding the risks

May 1 2020 |

Getting construction right in emerging markets throws up many challenges, but also opens up a myriad of opportunities. Adding to the discussion from our previous two posts about the double-edged sword that is technical advancements and assembling the right team at the right time, it’s important to look at the risks involved..

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Getting onshore construction right

Emerging markets: Getting onshore construction right

May 1 2020 |

Advancement in renewable energy generation is important for all emerging markets. For some, it brings electrification where there was previously an energy supply issue and for others, it enables them to enter into an energy transition that will lead them closer to climate and carbon-reduction goals. No matter the reason,..

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COVID-19 Update

Mar 13 2020 |

As a global business, we are taking COVID-19 seriously. However, we want to let our clients, contacts and stakeholders know that we are still open for business. We are taking all necessary precautions to protect our employees and our clients during this time and according to local government guidance. We do not expect this to..

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Project risk premiums - one size doesn't fit all

Sep 17 2019 |

Best practice for energy project developers and investors is to evaluate all risks linked to the project itself. Risk comes in many forms: technology failure, access to site, permit problems, bad contractors and unknown offtake prices. Most of the risks related to the project itself can be hedged and/or accounted for with..

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PPAs in Europe - on the brink of a breakthrough?

Aug 28 2019 |

We have advised the Danish Energy Agency on the use of corporate PPAs in a variety of markets around the world and how we see their near-term future in Europe. Want the highlights? How is the PPA in the EU on the brink of a breakthrough? Increasing power consumption should lead to rising prices and this should form a basic..

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Improving project financing with CFD – a no brainer

Jun 26 2019 |

It is no secret that project margins for investors and developers are under pressure. Auction schemes are driving down costs, whilst challenging site locations deliver an added CapEx related headache. There is a solution that can improve the outlook significantly - Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) - but this is often..

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Three senior UK appointments joining our team

Jun 11 2019 |

We are proud to announce that we are strengthening our UK team with appointments to three senior positions; UK Country Director, Global Director of Asset Management and Global Manager, Due Diligence services. UK Country Director, Gary Bills; Global Director – Asset Management, Steven Ikin; Global Manager – Due Diligence..

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image_people_m. al bayati inspection supervision_1920

Why should developers prioritize best practice?

Apr 23 2019 |

In developed markets, health, safety and environmental (HSE) regulations are often robust and comprehensive but this is not always the case in emerging markets. What might sound like an opportunity to reduce costs by simply complying to local regulations could in fact be a false economy. Despite local requirements potentially..

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image_Onshore_CUTIA Complex_Copel_drone tower_538-278090-edited

K2 Management Supports Commissioning of Cutia’s Wind Complex in Brazil

Apr 23 2019 |

Following a 12-month contract to deliver comprehensive owner’s engineer services, K2 Management and Cutia Empreendimentos Eólicos, a company of group Copel (Companhia Paranaense de Energia), have commissioned the final turbines at the Cutia Complex, in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. K2 Management was appointed to assist Cutia..

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Image - Office Arhus

Expansion of Board of Directors

Feb 6 2019 |

K2 Management, who globally offers consultancy services to the wind and solar industry, is expanding its Board of Directors to five people with the addition of a new board member and the appointment of a vice chairman. Details of new additions to Board of Directors New Vice Chairman - Jesper Kristian Jacobsen (48), CEO at..

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Image - Office Arhus

Appointment of Chief Executive Officer

Jan 14 2019 |

K2 Management today announced that its Board of Directors has appointed Jørn Zielke as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He will join the company June 2019. when released from the contract with his current employer. Jørn Zielke has more than 20 years of international experience from the service and energy industries, serving in..

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Change in executive management

Nov 5 2018 |

We regret to inform you that the Board of Directors of K2 Management and CEO Henrik Stamer have, by mutual agreement, decided to release Henrik from his duties as CEO, effective of Wednesday, October 31, 2018. The Board of Directors is currently in the process of hiring a new CEO to lead K2 Management and as soon as a..

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Generation fuel types in Australia

Australian renewables is booming, but for how long?

May 14 2018 |

2017 was a record year for renewable energy investment in Australia, but is it realistic to assume that this success will continue? Director at K2 Management, Maria Cahill, looks at the investment drivers for renewable energy in the Australia’s market and how these will affect the longer-term commitment to clean energy..

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New North America Managing Director

Apr 9 2018 |

K2 Management announced today that Lars Andersen has joined K2 Management as President and Managing Director of its North American operations. Lars Andersen has been a figure in the global power and energy industry for almost three decades, half of which have been spent based and working in the North American market. Lars’..

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K2 Management opens office in Poland

Mar 20 2018 |

To support the growing wind and solar markets in Eastern and Central Europe, K2 Management has opened an office in Gdynia, Poland. “We have been active in the Polish market since 2016, supporting a local client with the development of an offshore wind project. Our involvement has developed a strong interest from developers..

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image_Onshore_Dam Nai_Blue Circle6_538.jpg

Ten contracts signed in Asia Pacific ahead of Tokyo Wind Expo

Feb 27 2018 |

This month has been fruitful and our order book is filling up in Asia after signing ten contracts in 7 different countries this month. After the successful execution of Dam Nai phase 1 wind project in Vietnam, we have been appointed by the developer The Blue Circle and Armstrong Asset management as Owner’s Engineer for phase..

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How to develop offshore projects in Taiwan

Dec 8 2017 |

Taiwan has become the new, hot market for offshore wind. Ambitious governmental targets for installed offshore wind capacity of 5.5 GW by 2025 phasing out nuclear and an open economy for international investors have created an appealing market cocktail. But what do you need to consider when developing projects in Taiwan?..

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K2 Management expands services to support Solar PV

Nov 13 2017 |

K2 Management, is expanding its independent technical and project management services to support solar PV projects. Since its foundation in 2007, the company has focused solely on the wind energy sector, but client requirements and market demand have led to diversification and expansion of its service offerings. “Many of our..

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Northland Power appoints K2 Management

Sep 29 2017 |

K2 Management has been awarded a lump sum service agreement by Northland Power Inc. The agreement includes full scope construction management on the €1.4bn Deutsche Bucht (“DeBu”) offshore wind farm in the German North Sea. K2 Management has been working on the 269 MW project since 2013, providing engineering and development..

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K2 Management anniversary - 10 years in the market

Aug 17 2017 |

It’s been 10 years since Lars K. Hammershøj and Per K. Melgaard founded K2 Management. The company was officially registered 30 August 2007. Today the two founders are still active in the company, that has grown to 110+ employees with offices in 10 countries and a track record from more than 35 countries. Here K2 Management..

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Military concept reduces risks in wind projects

Jun 21 2017 |

Do you go to war without first planning and practicing your next move? Would you play a concert without rehearsing with your instrument and orchestra? The same question should be asked when developers and contractors are planning the development and construction of their projects. A technique used by the armed forces,..

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Owner's engineer contract secured with Copel for 181MW wind farm

Jun 13 2017 |

Wind consultancy, K2 Management, has been awarded a 12-month contract to deliver comprehensive owner’s engineer services on phase one of the CUTIA Complex onshore wind farm, in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. Appointed by developer Companhia Paranaense de Energia S.A. Copel after a public bidding process, K2 Management’s scope..

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Tough times ahead for power curve warranties

Apr 18 2017 |

Wind turbine performance warranty claims are about to get way more complicated and murky and the reason is the newly-released international standard for power curves: IEC 61400-12-1: 2017. According to the IEC, the standard specifies a procedure for measuring the power performance characteristics of a single wind turbine and..

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Owner's engineer for Vietnam wind project

Mar 6 2017 |

K2 Management has been awarded a contract for the owner’s engineer, project management and construction management of the 40 MW Dam Nai wind farm in Vietnam. This project is owned and developed by Singapore-based developer, The Blue Circle, with financial backing provided by Armstrong Asset Management. With a full owner’s..

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100+ consultants at K2 Management

Dec 6 2016 |

2016 has truly been an exciting year for our clients, their wind projects and also here at K2 Management. We have seen many of the projects we are working on reaching financial close, or operating and generating energy and revenue. The interest for developing and investing wind energy is only getting bigger. We witness that..

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Power performance accreditation landed

K2 Management has joined a small, exclusive list of companies with certified and accredited methods for wind turbine power performance. This means that turbine manufacturers must approve our results and methods when we validate the performance of a wind farm on behalf of a client. "K2 Management will to my knowledge be one of..

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image_Onshore_CUTIA Complex_Copel_drone tower_538

Towers Set to Reach Mega Heights  | Reaching for the sky

Feb 12 2016 |

Wind turbine towers are set to reach heights of up to 170m with new construction techniques and materials, according to wind power engineering specialists K2 Management. Tower heights have grown steadily over the last decade as operators seek stronger wind speeds higher up in the atmosphere – See infographic. Based on work..

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