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Wave energy converter benchmarking study | Carnegie Wave Energy

K2 Management* was commissioned to conduct a benchmarking study for Carnegie Wave Energy to investigate a range of performance and load metrics suitable for benchmarking with alternative wave energy converter (WEC) types.

Our numerical modelling team used WEC-Sim to create baseline WEC models. Model outputs were used for several targeted load calculation exercises to assess the extreme and fatigue loads on key device components.

Post-processing techniques were applied to WEC-Sim model output data to calculate total damage equivalent loads (DELs) and survival functions at a target installation site. These techniques provide a robust method of estimating design loads for WEC components and can also be used to inform the maintenance and survival strategies.

*Work undertaken as Cruz Atcheson prior to acquisition by K2 Management in 2018

Carnegie Wave Energy

"The team has a strong heritage in wave energy and an obvious passion for industry success. These characteristics, together with their excellent technical abilities, have ensured they are on Carnegie’s shortlist to assist with the variety of challenging tasks that come up in the course of developing a new technology."

Jonathan Fiévez