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Wave & tidal technical due diligence | AW-Energy

AW-Energy appointed K2 Management* to undertake a wide range of activities, including technical due diligence and second-party support in a range of engineering disciplines.

In one particular project, we acted as an independent assessor, focusing on the synthesis of key information to identify the status of potential risks to the project.

The mandate also saw us review the technical documentation produced by AW-Energy, providing clear recommendations and assisting in the detailed planning of both project and technology development activities.   

*Work undertaken as Cruz Atcheson prior to acquisition by K2 Management in 2018


"We have been extremely satisfied with the team in all domains of cooperation, covering the project due diligence and technical / design/review assignments. They are highly competent and flexible and have carried out all assignments conscientiously and expeditiously. In view of their dedication and ability, it is with pleasure that we recommend them highly and without hesitation!"

John Liljelund and Christopher Ridgewell