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Supporting EU wave energy project to important milestone

As a partner in the EU project Horizon 2020 MegaRoller, K2 Management has had a key role in answering some of the questions surrounding wave energy. The project has a team of participants from across the industry with a collective aim of driving forward understanding of wave technology.

The project reached an important milestone in completing an advanced custom structure interaction Wave Energy Converter (WEC) model.

The MegaRoller project is an EU-funded research program initiated in 2018 and expected to conclude in 2021. The project will develop and demonstrate a 1 MW power take-off (PTO) for wave energy converters.

The technology is developed in conjunction with oscillating wave surge converters (OWSCs), a type that uses bottom-hinged panels oscillating in pitch following the surge movement of the water particles in the nearshore zone (10m-25m water depth).

More information on the project and its results can be found here: www.megaroller.eu

K2 Management

"We use a mathematical representation of the interaction between the structure and the waves to estimate the loads experienced in a number of situations. The results will be used to design a sound and durable power system.

The mathematical model uses innovative features such as a structural dynamics module to investigate structural deformations and account for the directional spread. The development of such novel functionalities will continue throughout the MegaRoller project and are expected to provide guidance for modeling practices in the wave energy sector."

Pauline Laporte Weywada
Senior Consultant