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ESB Wind Development | CFD and noise modelling

Development support and energy yield assessment for 120 MW Grousemount Wind Farm incorporating CFD and noise modelling

We have built up long-standing relationships with wind farm developers, operators and investors globally, working both to supplement their internal technical capability – providing analysis, advice and support as their projects progress – and also in an independent capacity for project financing.

Working with ESB Wind Development since 2009, we have provided a range of services on over 500 MW of in-development and operational projects in Ireland and the UK. The proposed 38-turbine Grousemount project in Ireland is significant because of its size, location, mountainous terrain and a number of complex constraints.

We have provided ongoing support throughout the development process – from layout design and monitoring advice, to noise  modelling and financial-grade energy yield assessment. The project is situated in mountainous terrain east of Kenmare in Co. Kerry. Due to restrictions regarding visual impact, many of the turbines are situated at lower elevations than the surrounding terrain, and consequently wind flow conditions across the site are challenging.

We undertook CFD modelling at an early stage to fully investigate wind flow conditions across the
site. Areas of onerous wind flow (high turbulence for example) were identified and this information
was used to micro-site turbine locations and hence maximise energy yield.

We presented CFD results to the client’s technical team with an interactive fly-through to ensure our findings were fully integrated into their layout design process. The same CFD results were later used to improve predictions of wind speed and turbine performance across the site.

Further support to the development team was provided through optimisation of noise constraint schemes for the project. Our in-house developed software selects optimal turbine operational modes, so that noise limits are met with minimal loss of energy.